March 30, 2013

thierry mugler alien aqua chic

For the last few months my favourite perfume and the one which I go to use most is Alien by Thierry Mugler. As much as I love the scent it can be a little strong for daytime use which is why I was super pleased to hear about the launch of the Aqua Chic version. It's similar to the original but has a fresh and uplifting twist making it much more ideal for day time use. I'm still in love with the original version however with Spring on it's way it's more appropriate to be wearing a lighter scent. The perfume along with the Aqua Chic version of Angel are limited edition so grab them while you can.

"Originating from a tranquil, lunar atmosphere, Alien resonates ethereal beauty. Illuminated by the light kick of orange blossom water, Alien Aqua Chic offers an even more majestic and serene feel with its perfect blend of mellow and pulsating tones. To give the original fragrance a vibrant, zesty tang, lemon tree blossom and pink grapefruit unfolds at the heart, syncing with the amber, jasmine florals to elegantly refresh Alien's rich and woody base. A translucent amethyst bottle with an intense silver hue around the base to emphasise Alien's solar heritage."


  1. loads of my friends are crazy about Alien! I think I might have to give it a go. xx


  2. i may have to try Alien Aqua Chic, especially if its a light fragrance!xx

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  3. I'm definitely gonna try this next time i'm somewhere that has testers, I love Alien too but never actually owned a bottle!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog