January 30, 2011

bourjois smoky eyes trio

I purchased the Bourjois 'Smoky Eyes' trio in '09 lady vert de gris' the other day as I was after some neutral shades without forking out a load of money. The trio has the perfect shades to create either a smoky eye or a simple daytime look. The highlight and dark shade are really well pigmented but unfortunately for some reason the medium shade doesn't apply very well. It may be more to do with a dodgy batch rather than the actual product as it just seems to be really hard to get colour pay off from it, and I had to really rub my finger into it to get any colour unlike the other two. However I still would recommend buying this palette as the other two colours are gorgeous and easy to work with. The highlight colour is my favourite out of the trio as it has the best finish of any that I've used before and I like to use it on the inner corner of my eye. The eye shadow trios also come in a range of great different shades so it's worth checking those ones out too.

Rating: ★★★★
Price: £7.99
 Available from: Superdrug (bourjois cosmetics are currently on 3 for 2)

January 29, 2011

liz earle overnight travel kit

My absolute favourite item at the moment has to be my new Liz Earle travel kit. I don't know about anyone else but I love having a product or kit that fits a purpose really well like this does. I usually take travel sized bottles of products away with me on trips but it's a bit of a pain as you end up putting products in that you don't normally use just for the convenience. But in this kit you get everything that you would need for a few nights away so it's a really great purchase. They have even thought to include two muslin cloths for the Cleanse & Polish. Personally I think it's a genius idea and it's so handy to have all of your toiletries in mini sized versions together in a cute case. Even if you rarely travel it is still a great kit to try everything out properly. And for people like me that are always in a rush when packing your toiletries and always forget something the kit eliminates that problem completely. They are also a great idea as gifts and I'm already planning to get my mum one for mother's day, even though it's a little while off yet. You can also pick which type of moisturiser that you want in the pack from normal/combination, dry/sensitive or combination/oily so that it will suit your skin perfectly.

In the kit -
• Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 30ml tube
• Instant Boost Skin Tonic 50ml bottle
• Skin Repair Moisturiser 15ml tube
• Brightening Treatment Mask 15ml tube
• Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash 30ml tube
• Nourishing Botanical Body Cream 30ml tube
• Hand Repair 15ml tube
• 2 pure muslin cloths

Rating: ★★★★★+
Price: £26.05
 Available from: Liz Earle

I also have a lot more Liz Earle review posts coming up soon so look out for those.

January 28, 2011

dripping nails

I tried to do the 'dripping nail polish' on my nails the other day and I reckon they turned out pretty good for a first time go. All I did was applied model's own polish in 'snow white' as a base and then used a black nail polish by Gosh to create the dripping effect. The brush in the nail polish was quite small so it was ideal and not too tricky to use. It does take a little bit of practice but there is no set way of doing it so just try different methods out yourself.

January 27, 2011

neal's yard spritzer reviews

Okay so I'm going to start off by saying this post is extremely overdue. It's funny how I usually do one blog post per day and still end up with stuff that I really need to get round to doing a post on. I've had these bottles quite a while now as you can tell from the slight coating of dust.

Calm Spritzer (face, body & space spray)
This is a really great product to have on your bedside table to spray on your sheets at night. I personally don't use it on my face as the scent is a bit too strong for that, but it has the perfect mix of relaxing smells to wind down to at night. Definitely worth getting if you are a night owl like me and find it really hard to drop off at bedtime.

White Tea Facial Mist (toner)
This one was sent to me quite a few months back by Neal's Yard and it's definitely my favourite of the bunch. I like how it comes in a smaller sized bottle so that it is ideal to take with you while you are away. I find that it smells lovely and fresh and slightly lemony which is great if your skin needs waking up.

Rose Water (toner)
This is a good product as the scent isn't at all overpowering and just smells lightly of rose. This one would probably be the most agreeable with most people as it is for normal/sensitive skin and feels soothing on the skin.

Overall I wouldn't say that they have a big effect on my skin but they are worth getting if you like facial sprays to refresh your skin. The main downside to them is that they expire from 3-6 months of opening them which is a shame if you are wanting to try more than one out in that time. My advice would be to try out the White Tea one first as it is the smallest bottle. The other two bottles have expired and they smell really quite unpleasant and musty which is why I will pour them down the sink and use the bottles for plain water facial sprays. I have to admit I'm a bit annoyed at myself for not using them up as the Rose Water one is pretty much full up. You do have to buy the pumps separately too but you can just use them as regular toners on a piece of cotton wool otherwise.

Rating: ★+
Price: £9.75-£11.65
 Available from: Neal's Yard

January 26, 2011

topshop make up

I got a wonderful package the other day with some great Topshop make up inside. The first time that I tried Topshop make up was back in May when it was first released, but since then I hadn't actually been back for more for some reason. I just love the simple but quirky packaging and I think that everything is priced perfectly. Getting sent a few items to review has definitely reminded me what a great line of make up it is, and I really want to get my hands on some more to try out.

Balm in 'Dew' -

This is a really great balm, it's the perfect mix between a moisturising balm and a gloss with a great sheen. The colour isn't noticeable and differs from what it looks like in the pot but it is a really nice clear balm to wear over nude lips. It feels gorgeous on the lips and lasts quite a while too, which is always a bonus. The size of the pot is great to just throw in your handbag and use on the go, I'm also really impressed with the price considering what a great balm it is. It also tastes/smells of yummy toffee!

Rating: ★★★★
Price: £4.00
 Available from: Topshop

Eye crayon in 'Lazy Days' -

Next on to the eye crayon pencil. As I am obsessed with anything that has glitter in I am equally obsessed with this pencil. The colour is a unique combination of a dusky pink base colour topped off with golden shimmery glitter. I like to wear it all over the lid and then I apply a small amount to the inner corner of my eye which looks amazing with the chunky glitter. It does slightly crease so I would recommend using an eyelid primer first. 

Rating: ★★★★
Price: £6.00
 Available from: Topshop


Cream blush in 'Nutmeg' -

I have already tried a cream blush by Topshop in the shade 'neon rose' but it was a little too bright for me so I was excited to try another shade out. I've actually been wearing this shade on my cheeks with a touch of bronzer all week because I feel like it just suits me perfectly. I simply swirl my finger around cream and apply three small dots onto my cheeks and blend. With it being a cream product you only need to use a small amount but you can wear it as pigmented or blended out as you want. I love how it turns from a light weight cream to a powder finish on the skin. It just seems to have the right balance of orange and coral tones to compliment my skin colour really well. I really recommend trying this one out as I can imagine that it will suit most people with olive toned skin. And for just £6 you really can't go wrong.

Rating: ★★★★
Price: £6.00
 Available from: Topshop

Skin glow in 'Light' -

Another one of my current favourite products in my make up routine is the 'skin glow'. Anything that makes my skin appear glowing in this horrible winter weather has to be a good thing as it can get really dry and dull looking in these months. I really like the violet tinted sheen that it gives to my skin but as I used a flash in the picture above don't be worried that you will look like a disco ball, it actually just comes off as a slight glowing sheen on the skin in person. You only need to use a pea sized amount either under or over foundation but you can just use it to highlight your cheekbones if preferred.

Rating: ★★★★
Price: £10.00
 Available from: Topshop

Cream Eyeshadow in 'Emerald' -

This is my favourite product out of the bunch as the colour is so striking and different. I don't usually wear eyeshadow but as soon as I tried this out I loved it and wore it straight away. Some cream eyeshadows can be a problem as they tend to crease on the eyelid but I can honestly say that I wore this all night and it didn't budge at all. It was also easy to apply using just a tiny amount and gently smoothing it onto the eyelid using my fingertips which was a lot quicker than using a powder eyeshadow. As you can see from the swatch the colour is forest green with emerald glitter which looks stunning. As only the smallest amount needs to be used I imagine that a tube will last ages so the prices works out really well again.

Rating: ★★★★
Price: £7.00
 Available from: Topshop

I think that I'm now left just as obsessed with their make up line as I am with the gorgeous clothes that I keep going to buy from Topshop. Let me know if you have tried Topshop make up before, and if so what your favourites are! :)

January 23, 2011

a tour around the liz earle shop

As I knew I would be staying on the Isle of Wight for the next few days I had arranged to pop into the Liz Earle store and take a few photos for my blog. I thought that it would be great for all of you to get a better feel for the brand and to see what the experience would be like going into the shop. I saw the store straight away as we drove up as it had the trademark Liz Earle mint green colour painted all around the windows and the products in view were displayed under a warm glow of lighting arranged with potted green plants. As I walked into the shop the lovely spa smell of the products became apparent straight away and I was then greeted by three of the most lovely ladies that you can imagine, who all had amazing complexion and mint coloured cardis to match the brand. They were all so welcoming and warm and I felt really comfortable having a chat about the products/brand with them. 

The shop itself has to be one of the nicest that I've ever been in, everything was presented immaculately with everything in it's right place and beautifully set out. It was quite a cosy and intimate environment which I prefer as huge shops can be intimidating and you don't have any idea where to look first. All of the price lists and current offers were clearly displayed and there was also a specific area with a big glass sink where you can watch a demonstration of how products are used and test a few things out before you buy. Which is great as it's ideal if you want proper advice and I also find that it excites me further about the product which I'm interested in. I am a self confessed addict to online shopping it has to be said, but I'm being influenced to change my ways when such good customer service and knowledge about the products is on hand in store. I also think that the advice you get in store is part of what you pay for when you buy a product so it really is worth taking advantage of. 

After all of the experience that I have had with Liz Earle as a brand I would say that they rate faultlessly on their customer service, value for money, product quality and it is also clear that every aspect of the brand, products and even down to the layout of the shop has been thought out brilliantly. In my mind I simply cannot fault even one tiny thing, it is clear that they have achieved perfection and continue to do so.

I was really kindly given a choice of picking five products to take away with me to review. I really didn't expect anything so generous but it isn't unlike the brand as they have always been super kind to me both in emails and products that they have sent in the past. I had a good look around the shop while one of the assistants talked me through the products and finally came up with my decisions based on what I thought my readers would be interested in:
  • Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask Starter Kit
  • Superskin Concentrate 
  • Superbalm 
  • Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash
  • The New Overnight Travel Kit

My mum stocked up on a new Cleanse & Polish as it is our favourite skincare product. 


The store is located on a road with views to the sea..

A picture of me outside the shop..

If you fancy having a browse around a Liz Earle store there are currently three to choose from around the country:
  • London - King's Road 
  • Isle of Wight - Ryde
  • Leeds - Victoria Quarter