August 15, 2011

I had my hair done at FOUR

Recently the lovely ladies at Four London worked their magic on my hair in their salon based in central London (literally a two minute walk from Hamley's). I went for my first appointment around 6 weeks ago now where they used a cleanse treatment on my hair to remove the stubborn red tint that I had on. I had been to another salon a few weeks beforehand where they used a bleaching process and scrubbed at my hair (which brought me close to tears) which basically left my hair dry and damaged but after all that didn't even remove the red! Thankfully the treatment at Four was nothing like that and I simply had a lotion applied to my hair and sat with it left on for thirty minutes and then had it simply washed out, genius. It removed all of the red tint and from then I had an ash brown colour applied as a base colour and then had some lovely blonde highlights through the ends. After that I had an amazing hair mask applied while in the process of having my hair washed, it felt so relaxing and did the world of good for my dry/damaged hair. I then had the most amazing blow dry which left my hair looking completely gorgeous and full of volume.

A few weeks later I decided to go even blonder and went back for more! I can't recommend the salon enough if you are a lady that can afford luxury in your life, that place is literally hair heaven. They even have iPads to play with while your hair dye is working away and a proper menu to choose from if you are feeling peckish including lots of posh fruit teas. I can't fault the salon whatsoever and if any of you ever have a hair colour disaster Four London should be the first place you look, they are branded as 'the colour specialists' after all. And if the salon is good enough for a handful of celebs then it's certainly good enough for me.

The finished result

August 13, 2011

superdrug lashes

I recently attended the launch event for a new range of false lashes by Superdrug on the London Eye, as all of the girls got lashes applied there was stunning views of the city.

The lashes range from £4.49 to £5.49 in price, depending on if they have one or two strips of lashes built in. Double strip lashes will add a lot more volume as they basically have two layers of lashes. The packaging is kept simple and classy, I like how realistic the images of the lashes are as they help you get a good idea of what they will look like once they are on. Applying the lashes was easy for me as I've had plenty of experience in my time but for novices there are instructions on the back. The glue works really well and is a lot more long lasting than I expected and actually rivals my duo professional glue!

Double Volume Edition 40

These have two rows of lashes meaning that they are a lot thicker than normal styles and I absolutely love them. They appear really thick at the roots but then look wispy at the ends which I find perfect, I also found them really easy to apply.

Natural Edition 11

These lashes are a great option for those of you just starting to use false lashes as they are natural looking yet noticeable. They can be quite tricky to apply though as the lash strip is very delicate and bendy so be careful if you are heavy handed like me or you will get glue everywhere!

Intense Volume Edition 31

And finally for the Katie Price wannabes out there, these lashes are just about as full on and dramatic as you can get. Obviously not for everyday use but I reckon I'd brave them for a night out.

Let me know your thoughts!

August 07, 2011

sleek oh so special palette

Hello dolls! Today I have a little review on the fairly new 'Oh So Special' palette by Sleek. The colours in the palette are all fairly neutral; pinks and light shades on the left and darker shades more suited to a night out on the right. I'd say that half of the shades are matte and the other half shimmer so there's lots of choice. All of the colours are very well pigmented as with all Sleek palettes, I also noticed that the shimmer shades have a slight waxy texture. Overall it's a great palette based on pink and purple colours with plenty of different shades to choose from, and if you love your eyeshadow then it's definitely one to have a look at.

Available from: Superdrug stores and the Sleek website for £6.49

August 01, 2011

pre-release review: sleek pout paints

On the 3rd of August Sleek will be launching their brand new pout paints available in 11 different shades at £4.99 each from Superdrug stores or the Sleek website. Basically the concept is that you can have a play with them and mix different ones together to create unique shades. It's a great idea if you fancy getting creative but make sure you have some empty travel pots (you can get them from Mac or Boots) to keep any shades that you invent in and you can use them again that way. If you can't be bothered to faff about with all that though there are some readily wearable shades in the range that you can apply straight off. The blue shade (Peek-a-Bloo) in the range is to use to warm up colours and the white (Cloud 9) will cool them down, pretty simple.

Mauve Over, Pin Up, Peek-a-Bloo, Cloud 9, Peachy Keen

I had a go at mixing Pin Up with Cloud 9 and it made a really nice bright pink/red, pretty good for a first go! If I decide to have another go at mixing the other colours I will put another post up on the shades I came out with.

 Peachy Keen

Pin Up

As you can see they have a slight gloss finish but don't feel sticky on the lips, just be careful when you are applying the colour as quite literally a tiny amount goes a long way.