January 12, 2013

bioderma créaline

Whilst in Paris back in the Summer (doesn't that sound dreamy) I was on a mission to pick up lots of French pharmacy skincare brands, namely the ever popular Bioderma Créaline, loved by make up artists all across the world including the likes of Lisa Eldridge. I don't usually stock up on products without trying them out properly first but in my beauty book what Lisa says goes which is why I couldn't resist fitting as many into my basket as I could as if it was a game of Supermarket sweep. The pharmacy that is hailed as the cheapest in Paris with many of the best offers and duo packs is named City Pharma and I did a post about it here. Ever since my little trip to Paris I've been trying out my bottles of Bioderma, and it goes without saying that I have become a big fan of the product.

There are a lot of fancy reasons why the product is so great which I will quote the website on "the micelles contained in its formula effectively micro-emulsify impurities while maintaining the skin’s balance (soap-free, physiological pH)". So basically it's a make up remover and toner with an added oomph. It's water based which means it's absolutely perfect for anyone who struggles with oily skin, if you can imagine grabbing a bottle of water, pouring some on a cotton pad and sweeping it over your skin yet it magically removing all of your make up with ease, that pretty much sums up how it feels. I'm one of those tricky customers that despises the feeling of product build up on my skin, I dislike removing my make up with oil based products with a passion and both face wipes and cream cleansers don't win my heart either.

All in all Bioderma Créaline is the way forward in removing make up, you only need to use the smallest amount and with it being so gentle to sensitive skin it's ideal for regular use. The travel bottles have become a god send for me as they take up barely any space in my make up bag and one bottle lasts plenty long enough for a two week holiday. The downside is that Bioderma products are still pretty hard to get hold of in the UK but I hear they are looking to branch out to here soon, for the meantime those lucky enough to travel to Paris should pick up a suitcase full and others stuck in the UK will have to browse eBay.

TRAVEL BOTTLES - 1.99/£1.57


  1. I love my Bioderma, but I had no idea it was so much cheaper in Paris! I've been paying about double the cost of one on ebay! I really hope it comes over here soon. xo

  2. ONE POUND FIFTY-SEVEN for the travel size?!! The cheapest I can find it for on eBay is £4.50 and that doesn't include the £2.35 p&p. They're amazing prices. My other half has relatives who live in France and who come over here quite a lot during the year. I think I may have to transfer them some money to bring me some back.


  3. I love it, had no idea how bloody cheap it is in Paris! so jealous x


  4. I need to try this out! Everyone has been raving about these, luckily for me they're readily available in Canada :)


  5. Love bioderma! One of my staple beauty products!! :) ♥

  6. I wasn't too keen when I first tried it out but now I love it! Xx


  7. I think you mean Crealine, not Ceraline, :) x