March 15, 2013

goodbye google friend connect

Yesterday I found out that Google are planning on axing Google reader which is probably what most of you use to keep up to date with my blog. It's rumoured that shortly after that happens (in June) they will get rid of Google friend connect. I'm not hugely worried about it as all bloggers will be in the same boat and if people like reading my blog enough hopefully they will find an alternative way to read my posts. I personally switched to using Bloglovin' a year or so back and find it so so much easier and it works so well for me to see new posts from my favourite bloggers. If that doesn't work for you then you can follow my blog on Hello Cotton, see updates on my Facebook page or just put me in your bookmarks! I really hope that I won't lose any of you along the way because of silly Google and their even sillier decisions.

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1 comment:

  1. I am more bothered about keeping in contact with people who have pressed the follow button. Have had bloglovin' since i started my blog but never used it until i heard this and imported all contacts along. It is easier for copying links to twitter i must admit. I think i am fully prepared and people who have liked my blog i tend to like back so i am not to worried :)

    kate @ sparkle dust x