March 10, 2013


Most of you may have noticed that I don't disclaim each product that I get sent as a press sample, so here is a post to clear things up. It was never my intention to 'hide' what I have been sent by PR companies along the years, but a part of me just feels uncomfortable with covering my blog in disclaimers. I've thought about doing it time and time again but a voice in the back of my head worries that you will all get the wrong impression and start thinking I'm only in it for the samples. This of course couldn't be further from the truth, I won't deny that I regularly work with PR companies and often request samples however I can fundamentally state that the reason for this is to enrich the content on my blog, believe it or not I turn down samples that I don't think I will end up reviewing. It also makes me feel uneasy declaring to the whole world what gets sent my way in terms of products, I don't want starter bloggers to see being sent lots of cool products the reason behind them starting a blog.

I know that nearly every blogger out there now disclaims PR samples, personally I don't take notice of what's sent to them and what isn't, if I trust their review is honest I don't really care if they forked out the dollar or not. Which brings me on to another point, the other reason that I integrate PR samples into my blog is because I wouldn't be able to afford to keep up with the latest product launches and review so many great products otherwise. My blog would probably only have one review every few weeks!

I've been writing this blog for three years now and in all of that time have only ever had positive feedback from my reviews, I've never once been contacted to say someone has hated a product that they have bought after my recommendation. If you truly 'get' blogging I think like me you will understand the whole 'PR samples' topic and if you truly enjoy reading a blog you won't be sceptical about where the products have come from. It does take a lot of trust from your readers but I would hope after all this time that I have a fair few people that trust my reviews.

I'm not saying no to disclaiming PR samples on my blog, it may well be something that I start doing in the near future. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts so please do leave a comment.


  1. I put a disclosure on all my posts...BUT, I've only recently (in the last six monthsish) started doing it and it's not because I want to! I don't wish to disclose at all, for most of the reasons you have stated. I felt however, after asking lots of people and other bloggers on twitter etc, that actually, people were more likely to distrust me if I didn't. Personally I think you're damned if you do and damned if you don't and I had people essentially saying to me if you don't disclose you're not honest. Well I pride myself on my honesty and can't bear people thinking otherwise so I do. But I do it grudgingly. I'd rather not!

  2. I don't think it should matter whether its a pr sample or not. I enjoy blogging mainly my comp wins because i couldn't afford to get all the latest goodies, neither do i get pr samples and stuffs from holidays christmas, birthdays, vals day etc. I am very lucky and fortunate when it comes to winning competitions. But like i said it shouldn't matter where the product comes from only that its reviewed as you see fit. If it bothers you maybe you couls put this (*) in the title or on the post.

    Kate @ sparkle dust xx

  3. I'll be honest I feel more mislead by people who don't disclaim than those that do, I personally can always tell if something has been sent by looking at the links within the post. I don't think 'truely getting blogging' has anything to do with whether you understand your opinion and stand on disclaiming. It is just that; a difference in opinion! Hope that doesn't offend, you did ask for thoughts after all :)


    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

  4. I do now only due to the law change. Apparently it's law in the US where you have to disclose them but not in the UK. I live in the UK but just to make sure i'm on the right track I do. x

  5. I think it's best to disclaim at times, but at other times it's so obvious if someone is reviewing a PR sample if there's an influx of reviews of the same product in the same day/week. Saying that, I don't understand why in some non-pr reviews people get so bitchy and unfollow if you don't happen to like a product and want to warn other people, yet quite a lot of PR reviewers don't mention certain products if they dislike them, as they don't want bad feedback.
    Sorry for the ramble, hope it makes sense, Jess! x

  6. I feel people who disclaim to be more trustworthy. It seems some bloggers put bias posts on the pr samples they are sent simply as they are obliged to write a good review.

  7. I think it's something that matters more to bloggers than non bloggers. Personally I don't give a toss if you disclaim or not. Do what works for you! :)

    Nic x

  8. To be fair, I don't think it's relevant whether you've received negative comments about products you've reviewed. If I go out and buy something and hate it, it wouldn't occur to me to mail the blogger and tell them. So it doesn't really mean much that you've only ever had positive feedback- it doesn't really tell you much about how your readers feel.

    I just don't see any reason not to disclaim. For someone not to disclaim makes me wonder why not- if you're always giving your honest opinion, why not say whether you paid or not? It's no skin off your nose, and it means you aren't asking anything of your readers either. For someone to make such a big deal saying "I don't do disclaimers" just seems silly to me. It's an issue that really shouldn't matter to an honest blogger, so why dig your heels in?

    1. I just wanted to point out not everyone should have to feel obliged to disclaim and it should be ok to have a different way of doing things that's all.

    2. That's fair enough. I just can't see any reason not to disclaim, so people who refuse to just baffle me. But agree to disagree and all that.