June 28, 2012

shoot me fab pinup photoshoot

Last weekend I was invited to a pinup style photoshoot with a company called Shoot Me Fab, I really enjoyed myself as I'm sure you can tell from the pictures, and it was a truly amazing experience to have my make up and hair done my the hair styling and make up team then be shot by a professional photographer. I was rather nervous at first since I'd never had an experience like that before however the team completely put me at ease with plenty of giggles and jokes. I'm really pleased with how the pictures came out and think the styling was perfect for a pinup look.

Dress: Glamourous.co.uk (20 off discount code: Glamourous20)
Heels: Zara

Behind the scenes -

My amazing make-up was done by a really talented make-up artist called Tanya, she really did a perfect job with my make-up and gave me just the look that I was after.

Thanks again to the Shoot Me Fab team and Rouge Noir PR for an amazing day.

June 21, 2012

models own ibiza mix

Another one of my favourite polishes at the moment has to be 'Ibiza Mix' from the Models Own Hedkandi collection, for obvious reasons. It's a mix up of glitter all different shades and sizes and without a doubt has to be the craziest glitter polish that I own. You can wear it over light shades, dark shades or on it's own but so far my favourite combination is a dark grey base underneath (I use 'Factory Grey' by American Apparel). My advice is to leave the dark grey colour to set for a few hours before applying the glitter to avoid it going tacky, once I had done this I applied three layers of the glitter and a topcoat and found that my manicure lasted around four days.

On the subject of Models Own they have just changed their website which I personally really dislike and much preferred the older/simpler version, what do you guys think?

Models Own 'Ibiza Mix' polish - £5

June 09, 2012

dip dye hair

I've had dip dyed hair for about six months now but hadn't got round to doing a proper blog post on it until now. Basically my method was by backcombing the ends of my hair so that only about half of the thickness was left exposed and then I applied a blonde bleach in small sections, wrapped them in tin foil  and left the dye on my hair for 20 minutes. If you remember to do the backcombing step this means the dye will blend a lot better with your natural hair colour rather than looking like a stark difference between the two colours. If you want to go even blonder then you can always dye it again but make sure not to make the mistake of trying to make it too blonde to begin with or it may come out looking silly or making your hair damaged. But also keep in mind that using bleach will probably dry out your hair and make it frizzy so be sure to take care of it by using hair oils and good hair conditioner. My dip dye has faded now as it was a few months ago since I last used blonde hair dye but I slightly prefer the natural look that my hair has now and think the ends look sun-kissed rather than a fake looking blonde. If you daren't try your hand at dip dying at home then I highly recommend popping to the Four London Salon who did my first dip dye last Summer. 

June 02, 2012

messy side plait

Lately I have been wearing my hair in a messy side plait, I find this style perfect to keep my hair out of my face yet have it looking on trend. It's best to put your hair in a messy plait if you already have wavy hair but if not just use a little salt spray to help create the look. I also have a berry stained lipstick on which I think goes nicely with my dip-dyed hair.