August 24, 2014

lush sweetie pie shower jelly

Every once in a while I come across a product that I think to myself everyone needs to try and find out how wonderful it is, this shower jelly by lush being one of them. I've tried near enough every type of Lush product yet only got round to trying the shower jelly out when it came in a big box of goodies that I got as a birthday present recently. I tend to splurge more on bath bombs and bubble bars as I definitely prefer a long soak to a quick shower, that being said this little pot of jelly has made shower time ten times more enjoyable. You simply drop the jelly into your hand and lather it all over your body, it's pretty much a wibbly wobbly solid version of shower gel. I like to turn the shower away from myself so that it doesn't disintegrate in all of the pouring water meaning it will last much longer. It has the scent of juicy cherries which I'm completely addicted to, it tricks the mind into thinking you're washing with an actual slice of tasty jelly since it smells so god damn good. Once you're done you just pop it back into the tub ready for next time, the packaging states that you can even put it in the fridge or freezer before your shower if you're after a cooling sensation. It's a tad pricey but I reckon mine will last me for a fair few weeks of showers or longer if I decide to save it to use only ever now and then. Try it, I promise you'll love it.


  1. I've never tried any of their shower jellies before but this sounds so good! x


  2. I love this product! I think it smells like Ribena :) I tend to break off a very small amount and put it on a loofah and it works up a great a lather! Great review xx http://www.allthingsbeautifulblog.co/

  3. Might just have to try this, cherry is definitely one of my favourite scents!