March 16, 2013

spa guide: brooklands hotel

A new series of posts that I'm planning on integrating into my blog will be spa hotel reviews. This will consist of a range of reviews for all different kinds of people with varying budgets. I'm wanting to avoid being 'just another beauty blog' as best I can which is why I'm hoping you will all love these kind of posts. As much as I love writing quick and informative reviews sometimes it's great to work really hard in putting an in-depth post together that you can all sit down and have a good read of. This brings me onto my first post in my spa guide series, a review of Brooklands Hotel.  

The room felt really spacious and definitely had plenty of space and light. The beds were comfy enough but nothing special and I was hoping for proper feather pillows. My favourite part of the room was the huge window that spread across the whole wall, even if the view wasn't so inspiring. The building opposite was unoccupied so in a way it kind of tied in with the modern feel of the room and wasn't too imposing.

I absolutely loved the understated chic feel to the black tiled bathroom, with the luxurious toiletries from The White Company, the underfloor heating and huge rain shower I couldn't help but have a bath or shower at every given opportunity. The slight issue with the bath was it took forever to fill up which was a bit of a nuisance. The fact there is speakers syncing with the television makes up for it though!

I highly apologise for the grainy nature of these photos but for obvious reasons I couldn't lug my Canon camera into a fine dining restaurant, the meal was also by candlelight but I tried my best to get some sneaky shots on my phone. To start I had a dish consisting of crispy quails eggs, grilled baby leeks, confit new potato and truffle aioli, which was just as delicious as it sounds, and in fact just so much that I tucked in before taking a photo. My main was leek and old Winchester crumble, thyme mash and vegetables a la Grecque, by this point I was in culinary heaven and washing everything down with a crisp glass of Prosecco. For desert I ordered caramelised banana parfait, popcorn ice cream and strawberry syrup which was a beautiful twist of flavours, the only fault of which being the parfait was too frozen. For a three course meal each for two people including drinks you are talking around £100, certainly not value for money but most definitely a wonderful treat. However at the moment they are offering 25% off dinner with a free glass of Prosecco thrown in too.

I was treated to a facial in the spa whilst on my stay, and in all honesty it was without a doubt the best facial I've ever had. I chose the brightening facial as my skin has been horribly pale and pasty looking recently, I was told that this would include a cold stone massage which I had never tried before so I was extra excited to have it done. My skin was cleansed, toned, exfoliated, moisturised and massaged in the most relaxing yet invigorating ways possible, it was 50 minutes of pure indulgence for my lack lustre skin. At the very end of the facial the therapist used stones that had been plunged in ice, I loved the refreshing feeling on my skin and would definitely have it done again in a heartbeat. I came out of the spa with glowing fresh skin like never before which a week later is still looking radiant.

The spa itself consists of treatment rooms, saunas, steam rooms, a meditation room including water beds and a hot tub positioned on a balcony overlooking the race track. It's a small and intimate spa with only around ten people at most wandering around which in a way I quite like but I would of loved a swim in a pool.

Overall I'd say the Hotel is most suited to city slickers needing a last minute break away from the City or those on business trips that fancy a late afternoon session in the Spa. The Brooklands Hotel is located next to the Mercedes Benz Museum so if you know anyone that is into their cars it would be ideal, perhaps a treat for the man in your life.



  1. It looks and sounds amazing!

    I'm looking forward to this series - it's something a bit different and it's always good to know what's out there. :)


  2. I stayed here with work once when it first opened. Lovely hotel and I had an amazing room! x

  3. Oh my word this place looks lovely. What a delight.

  4. Woww that balcony looks amazing! bit too romantic looking for a meditation room haha x