October 23, 2013

halloween: pumpkin nails


Today I'm back with another Halloween themed nail look, you lucky things! On another note I'm currently setting up a blogging desk so will be back with normal reviews once that's done. Anyhow, these pumpkin nails are a little harder to create than the dripping blood nails I did for my last post but all you need is a steady(ish) hand, a neon orange polish, a green glitter shade and a liquid liner to create the silly pumpkin faces. You can always just draw a pumpkin face on an accent nail and leave the rest plain orange if you don't have the time to do the full set.

October 20, 2013

halloween: dripping blood nails


With Halloween well on it's way I'm going to try and squeeze in as many scary make up and nail art idea posts as I can, starting with this post on dripping blood nails. It's a super easy look to create as the messier looking the drips are the more realistic it looks, there's really no skill needed whatsoever. Just paint on a nude coloured base and use a brownish red shade for the blood effect, start by creating rounded lines from the tip of your nail with the brush and then use a nail dotting tool to add extra detail.

October 19, 2013

korres jasmine eye make-up remover

In all the time I've been wearing make up and using skincare products I've never actually properly tried out an eye make up remover, I always just figured that what I used to remove my skin make-up would do the job well enough. I've recently been putting that theory to bed and have been using this version by Korres as another step in my make-up removal routine. I've found that it dissolves even heavy eye make up with absolute ease and causes no irritation whatsoever to my sensitive eyes. It's water based and has the same consistency as Bioderma but feels a little more nourishing. I do find that oil based removers can sometimes feel a little heavy around the eye area so this makes the perfect option for a refreshing feeling removal of eye make-up, if you are in the market for an eye make-up remover then definitely check it out. It's also really good value too as it's a big 200ml bottle which will be sure to last a good few months at least.

October 11, 2013

remington smooth and silky epilator

Recently I was sent an amazing box from Remington filled with products to help out with a pain free epilating experience. Firstly, The Breakfast Scrub by Soap and Glory, which just happens to already be my favourite body scrub, smells of banana and oat deliciousness and does a fantastic job at buffing away dead skin cells. Once my legs are buffed and scrubbed I move onto the Nivea Water Lily Shower Gel, this has a beautifully delicate feminine scent but is also combined with oil pearls to give skin back moisture. 

Out of the shower and an hour or so after my skin is ready for hair removal I get started with the epilating. I had already tried this method of hair removal a few years ago and after training as a beauty therapist decided waxing would be the better option for me but now I'm turning back on that idea as waxing can be messy and a nuisance. The Remington Smooth & Silky epilator is surprisingly compact and light-weight, completely different to the clunky epilator that I owned in the past. There is no doubt that epilating is painful but in my opinion it's well worth getting used to as I find it the best method of hair removal for long-lasting results, it usually takes around two weeks until the hair starts to grow back which is ideal for a holiday. If you get fed up of constantly shaving your legs then do consider trying out epilating, lighting a scented candle really helps to ease the discomfort too, the Neom Relax candle fills the room with a beautiful lavender scent.

Once any redness has gone down on my skin it's time to moisturise which is where I use the Korres Fig Body Butter, another great smelling product which is thick and luxurious and leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft.