March 28, 2011

avon moisture seduction lipstick collection

Recently I won the whole collection of the new Moisture Seduction lipsticks by Avon, lucky me! They have a marbled effect of a mix of lip balm and actual lipstick which I really like. Unfortunately this means that they are slightly less pigmented than most lipsticks that I own but the fact the moisturise my lips like a balm is brilliant. They are currently selling for £6 instead of £8.50 each which I think is a great price.

Smooth Mocha
This is far too dark for me but I think it would make a great nude for darker skin tones.

Mocha Plum
This is a really nice vibrant plum colour, perfect for people a bit older.. my mum is having mine!

Plum Gorgeous
Another vibrant plum colour but even brighter and more purple than before. A great lipstick for people that want to just start out trying bright colours.

Nude Perfection
I can imagine that this will be a nice nude when I have a tan but as I am pale at the moment it looks too orange on my lips.

Soft Pink
This is my favourite shade out of the collection for obvious reasons! It's a stunning baby pink with hints of coral, a great one for Spring.

Fuchsia Fever
This has to be my closely followed second favourite out of the collection, it's a very garish bright pink with violet shimmer running through but I love it.

Silky Peach
This colour is a dulled down peach with not much colour pay off which is a shame. But if you are just wanting a subtle wash of colour over your lips then this will be your cup of tea.

Rose Ribbons
This is another really wearable bright lip out of the collection, and will suit a whole range of skin tones.

Lilac Shimmer
A really pretty lilac shade with lots of silver glitter. Don't be put off by the shimmer part though, it's very subtle and flattering.

Red Kiss
And finally a beautiful deep red shade that manages to be well pigmented yet moisturises the lips at the same time, winner!

Have a nosey at the Moisture Seduction lippies on the Avon website, here.
And let me know which shades are your favourites!

March 27, 2011

glamour magazine with free clinique products

I've finally got my hands on some glamour magazines with free Clinique products inside! I managed to get two of my top picks but unfortunately as they have completely ran out of the 'all about eyes' cream in every shop I went in I had to settle for the 'take the day off' makeup remover as a fall back. Not only is it a great opportunity to try out some Clinique products but they also make awesome travel sized must haves for when you go away. I'm not sure the offer ends and when the May issue comes out, I'm guessing it will be the beginning of next month, so get a move on if you want to bag some freebies!

High Impact Lip Colour -
This lipstick doesn't have a name printed on so I'm guessing it was created just for the magazines. It's a really lovely light red colour.

Moisture Surge -
I really love this treatment for when my skin is going through a dry patch. It sinks in really quickly without going at all greasy as it's a gel formula and you only need a small amount.

I think I did pretty well being restrained and only buying three issues for £6, which freebies did you choose?

March 22, 2011

current make-up #6

I had my hair cut the other day at a Rush salon near me (see picture), I absolutely love it there, they use Shu Uemura and Kerastase products! I asked my hairdresser for a volumised and choppy cut and she did it perfectly. I also died it again a few days ago just to refresh the colour, you save a ton using home dye kits rather than having it professionally done.

I've also been wearing my Illamasqua lipstick in 'liv' pretty much everyday. I think it goes with my hair and skin tone perfectly, such a great purchase. And a few people have asked if Illamasqua lipsticks stay on well and my answer is most definitely yes. As they are matte I find that they stain my lips for quite a few hours without having to reapply, winner! And another thing I completely adore lately has to be my RMK cream foundation (review here). I've been wearing it everyday and I really cannot fault it, I think I might have actually found my holy grail foundation! My mum also tried it who has the opposite skin type to me (I have dry and she has oily) and she loved it too and told me she's going to buy a pot asap, so there you go! And finally I purchased the top I'm wearing in these pictures from H&M the other day for just £4.99! It's cropped and a neon lime colour which is becoming one of my favourite shades at the moment.

My internet has been playing up lately which means I might not be able to do proper posts again until Friday, ugh! However, I'm going to London again on Thursday for a great event where I will be able to meet and interview six brands in one session and on the same day me and my mum are going to try out a posh facial treatment in a skin clinic, so my thoughts on that will be up soon!

Hope you are all good

March 18, 2011

illamasqua toxic nature

It seems like ages since I bought some high end make up, well three months to be precise, now that's what you call will power! A few days ago I had a very thorough browse through the Illamasqua website and googled tons of swatches and then decided on my fave products. The package came next day delivery which I was super impressed by and in the box was a leaflet from the new 'Toxic Nature' collection. I love the concept behind the collection and the imagery but I resisted and just bought a couple of things from their permanent line.

Lets start off with a close up look at 'Toxic Nature'..

Next on to the products that I picked up..

Pure pigment in 'Static' -
I've never seen such a beautiful pigment before, I was completely amazed once I got it out of the package. As you can see it's a white based pigment with lots of iridescent silvery pink/purple running through. I'm completely in love with it and I actually think it's one of the best pieces of make up that I've ever bought. It can be used on the cheekbones, eyes and lips all of which I have tried and look stunning.

Lipstick in 'Liv' -
It's true that a girl can never have too many pink lipsticks but if you are after the ultimate attention seeking baby pink then look no further. But be warned, it takes a certain kind of girl to pull this one off, if you are afraid of bright lipsticks then it won't be for you! Personally I think I may have found my new favourite lippie.

Lipstick in 'Obey' -
As far as I am concerned this is the ultimate in coral lipsticks, described as a 'bright peachy pink' this is a must for summer. I do already have a few coral lipsticks but none are anywhere as near as bright and eye catching as this one, absolutely love it, bring on the Summer baby!

(with the Static pigment dabbed over the top)

Nail Varnish in 'Rare' -
Oh my god, I think I may have died and gone to neon nail polish heaven. Have you ever seen such an amazing nail polish? It's completely proud of being totally garish and in-your-face but that's exactly why I love it. It took four coats but didn't go at all gloopy and is definitely worth the effort. This is going to be a great one to wear with a black bikini and a super dark tan (yes, talking about Summer again).

Nail Varnish in 'Nudge' -
Slowing down my lust for Summer for a brief second; this is an ideal polish for Spring. It's an utterly mint ice blue and it applies brilliantly. Yet again another fabulous unique colour by Illamasqua.

 Prices: Pigment, £15.50. Lipstick, £15.50. Nail Varnish, £13.50.

So overall I absolutely adore everything that I bought, and I think from the swatches you will understand why. Unfortunately Illamasqua is priced highly but most importantly in my opinion it isn't overpriced. You get exactly what you pay for and shades that are so unique and exclusive that you won't find them anywhere else.