March 15, 2013

lee stafford breaking hair treatment

I recently received a selection of Lee Stafford products to try out and even though I always lust after the products whilst shopping in Boots I have never actually had a go with the products before. I wanted to include a mini review of each product in one post but I've been so impressed with this one in particular that I had to write about it separately. For as long as I remember my hair has been dry, brittle and frizzy, it's always put me off from wearing it down and has made it really tricky to work with. I also haven't worn my hair naturally curl in a while as it usually needs to be straightened to keep frizz at bay. I've tried lots of different hair masks and treatments but never really found 'the one', until now! I've used this mask for around four washes now and have already noticed a huge difference in my hair, it's so much softer and sleeker and I can now let it dry naturally curly with no problems at all. I've also found that my hair feels in much better condition and a lot less breaks off whilst brushing. It's recommended that you use the product between shampoo and conditioner but I like using it in place of conditioner as it means I don't have to wash my hair so often. You use an egg sized amount and leave it on for five minutes before washing off. The most impressive thing about the treatment is that it actually works on improving your hair over time rather than just a 'quick fix' by glossing over the problem. If you have dry or brittle hair you need this in your life, I will definitely be stocking up on it.


  1. you look sooooo pretty in this picture <3 tempted to splash out the money for this now :)

  2. I adore this - I often whack this on this on the ends of my hair, wrap it into a bun and leave it over night then rinse it out in the morning - hello beautiful hair!!


  3. This looks lovely!


  4. must try this, your hair looks amazing! x