January 27, 2015

the best of | jo malone colognes

As far as fragrance is concerned, Jo Malone have it nailed. Every scent is the ultimate in luxury; from the delicate glass bottles down to the carefully constructed layers and notes in each cologne. Ever since I owned my first Wild Fig & Cassis bottle, I've never even looked twice at any other brand. 

The Earl Grey & Cucumber scent is the freshness and lightness of a Spring day in a bottle, think of a fancy afternoon tea on the lawn of a country manor. I sometimes like to spray this on my pillows if I'm having a bit of a duvet day as I find the scent to be both uplifting and relaxing whilst being delicate and fresh.

154 reminds me very much of the kind of scent that you'd find from Chanel; it's a beautiful blend of wood, spice and musk that I could imagine anyone in need of a sophisticated and grown up scent absolutely loving. It's a little too much on the deep side of scents for me as I'm only just in my 20's, but I know that once I hit my 30's and onwards it would be perfect. My mum wears this one every day and has decided that she now never wants to wear any other scent.

My all time favourite, Wild Fig & Cassis. The telling sign of when you've found your absolute favourite fragrance is when you want it in candle, body cream and bath oil form, plus happily handing over £82(!) for the full sized version. It's one of those scents that you almost don't want anyone else knowing about because it's become your signature fragrance and you want to keep it that way. Well, here I am telling you all that this is well and truly the one.

Next on my list to try are Pomegranate Noir (I loved the candle version) and perhaps Blackberry and Bay too. Do let me know if you've ever tried Jo Malone, and if so, what your favourite scents are. 

January 20, 2015

current favourites | bath time treats (01)

It doesn't matter how busy I may be; I always make time for both a midweek and end of the week pamper night. Yeah that's right, I have two pamper nights per week. I wash, cleanse, scrub and polish my whole body from head to toe whilst enjoying a candlelight bubble bath. 

I picked up this Warm Vanilla scented bath cream from Dove at some point last week and have been addicted to it ever since. I'm not typically a huge fan of anything vanilla scented but this is nowhere near being sickly scented and reminds me slightly of brown sugar. I then scrub up using The Breakfast Scrub (I'm sure you've all already tried this by now), until I'm left smelling like a freshly baked cupcake. I tend to then use a gel cleanser, like this one from Aesop, and pair it with the Clarisonic which does all of the hard work for me. I then apply a rather generous amount of Origins Drink Up Intensive Face Mask and proceed to winding down for the evening with a cup of hot chocolate. 

Yankee Candle | Snow in Love | £20
Soap and Glory | The Breakfast Scrub | £8
Origins | Drink Up Intensive Mask | £23
Aesop | Fabulous Face Cleanser | £21
Clarisonic | Aria | £155

January 18, 2015

& other stories feather stitch cream | the ultimate nude

I've been searching for the perfect nude nail polish for a good while now; I used to wear just a plain white shade in effort to have a colour on that would go with everything and anything that I wear. This shade by & other stories is a mixture between beige and white, it doesn't look all that special in the bottle but once on the nails looks beautiful against an olive skin tone. The formula is good too, you only need two coats and it doesn't call for a topcoat as it's just as glossy without one. 

& other stories | feather stitch cream | £5