March 08, 2013

elemis freshskin products

I'm a heavy face mask user, I like to treat myself to a pamper every couple of days and either use one to give my skin moisture or one more suited to clarifying my skin depending on what my skin needs. I've really enjoyed using these two versions by Elemis, I leave them on for around ten minutes and find they do exactly what they claim to. The reason I've featured them in this post though is if like me you travel around a fair bit they are so perfect to pop in your make up bag. In each pack comes three sachets of each version, the only disappointment is that the pack is too expensive in my opinion. I think £10 would of been a more suitable price.

I've been trying out this exfoliating face wash for the last couple of weeks too, it has a really fresh yummy scent and is a cross between an exfoliator and face wash as the name suggests. This means that there aren't as many exfoliating beads packed into the product and it lathers a lot more than regular exfoliators. I'd recommend this product for anyone with sensitive skin that struggles with harsh exfoliators as it's really gentle on the skin.


  1. I'd love to try out a product from Elemis! I've heard great things about the brand and your review made me curious :D

    Great post!


  2. I'm slowly loving Elemis more and more. Would love to try the masks!


  3. The face masks sound great. I love that they are in little satchets so like you said you can easily take them if you are tavelling etc.

    Gillian from glamupeveryday.com x

  4. I didn't even know Elemis did face masks! :)
    The little packs are perfect too

    Roxy's Box of Tricks  


  5. I love the face masks also. Find it very hard to pay the price for them though!

    I'm a bit disappointed by their twitter page though, I recently won a competition and they didn't send the product to any of the winners. We tweeted and tweeted but it was ages before they finally replied saying they'd send the wins soon and would tweet when they have. They still haven't tweeted and haven't replied to any of us once again. Really bad service in my opinion. Its a shame since i love their products so much .


  6. I love Elemis products, I got some for Christmas and thought they were terrific. If you want to see my review, why not check my blog out: http://www.littlemisschatterbox.co.uk/elemis-product-review/

  7. this sounds lovely! I have sensitive skin so sounds like a winner product :) x