March 26, 2013

manuka doctor products

Skincare products containing Purified Bee Venom are quickly becoming a hit amongst celebrities and beauty buffs due to it's anti-ageing and acne fighting properties, it's also forecast to be the 'biggest beauty trend' of 2013 by Global Trends Analyst. I'm no scientist or skincare expert but it seems that the brand has quite a buzz as of late and even has Milly Mackintosh behind them as a brand ambassador. It's also important to know that no Bees get harmed in the process of harvesting the ingredients, something which the brand are very keen on stating. All very interesting but the proof is in the pudding which is why I've recently been putting a few products to the test.

I have tried my fair share of cleansers over the past few years, but I like to have a few in my routine for different reasons. Some are great for removing make up and others are good for treating the skin. I've found that this cleanser is great to use at night time if I haven't been wearing much make up that day, it's really gentle on the skin and is quick and easy to use. I just rub a small amount between wet palms to make a foamy lather and then massage into my skin and wash off with warm water. It makes my skin feel really fresh and clean yet nourished and isn't too harsh. I don't have problem skin luckily but I hear this is great if you do suffer with acne so it's well worth checking out.

Typically I have dry skin but I've also never really bothered using a night cream which is why I was pleased to give this a go. I've tried a few in the past that just leave my skin feeling greasy but this one is really different to those. The formula is luxuriously rich and silky smooth yet sinks into my skin with ease. I can either just use a small amount if I want a lighter coverage or a little more if my skin really needs nourishing. The scent is subtle and fresh, it's quite hard to describe but makes it really pleasant to apply especially before bedtime. I've noticed that my skin has started to feel softer and more hydrated in the morning too.

Last but not least I have been trying out the serum from the Apiclear range, which claims to significantly improve blemish prone skin in just three weeks. As I said before, I have clear skin most of the time so I can't vouch for that personally but can still give some insight into the product. This seems to be the most potent product of the range that I've tried due to the concentrated formula. It's a gel like consistency which seemed a little odd at first but ended up meaning that it sank into my skin really easily and didn't just sit on the top layer like a lot of other serums. I can imagine that this would be a really great product for people that have oily and blemish prone skin that are in need of a product that will nourish their skin and fight blemishes without feeling too heavy or harsh.

Manuka Doctor products can be found on the Superdrug website and if you are interested in the brand I'd recommend having a browse on their website as it has much more insight into their ingredients and how they work.



  1. These products sound really nice, I would like to give some of them a go.

    Gillian from glamupeveryday.com x

  2. Sound fab never tried the brand for some unknown reason!

  3. I want to try. I'm new on blogging. Your so great. Im a little afraid i'd copy you too much. haha.

  4. This sounds lovely, I'm always on the lookout for a magic skin care product :)
    Great review xx


    Kate xx

  5. these sound lovely! always wanted to try this brand :) x