July 10, 2011

iFabbo event

On Thursday I attended the first ever iFabbo event in the very glam Powder Room in London. It was a really great event as there was plenty of time to chat with other bloggers which is quite rare at an event. I'm not just saying it either but everyone there was so lovely and easy to talk to, along with the pink cocktails, yummy cupcakes and different make up brands dotted around the room I was in beauty blogger heaven! I've pinched all the pictures from the iFabbo facebook page so hope you all enjoy having a peek at the event. I will be blogging about the brands soon so stay tuned.

Thanks to Charli, Alex (who needs to start a blog!), Louise, Emma and Priya for being so lovely. I also met Fleur who's videos I've watched for literally forever now and am sure you've all heard of, she really is just as nice in person!

In the goody bag

Big thanks to iFabbo!

July 07, 2011

occ lip tars

As a complete addict to lipsticks I always find myself trying out new shades and the brighter the better. The OCC lip tars are slightly different though as they come in a tube, a bit like a lipgloss, but stain the lips and look half way between a gloss and a lipstick on. You literally only need to use the tiniest amount which means a tube will probably last forever. It's usually best to use a lip brush when applying them to your lips as they are so pigmented it's easy to make mistakes straight from the tube. They have a slightly minty taste though which is a bit odd as I'd have preferred them to have no flavour. However apart from that I love them, they don't dry out my lips at all and last pretty much all day. Don't be put off by any of the colours though as they are designed to be mixed if you prefer for a more subtle look. The bright red and pink have been my fave colours to wear on my lips lately for obvious reasons!






£8.95 each, available here.