November 28, 2010

cyber purple

I died my hair again last night as most of you who follow me on twitter may know. I decided to go for one of the most vibrant colours of all, cyber purple by schwarzkopf. I did like my other hair colour but it only lasted 6 weeks so I went for a permanent colour this time. I was a little worried when I saw bright purple going down the sink as I was washing it out that I had done something stupid but it actually turned out really nice. It is most definitely purple but when the light catches it you can see a lot of red too. My hair is obviously more vibrant in person but I tried my best & literally just took these webcam pictures so they are a bit crap, but a lot of people requested it so here goes..

and my plastic rose stud earrings are by star violet couture and you can buy them here, they are in the shade 'ivory'.

November 27, 2010

an amazing stargazer lippie

I recently purchased the most amazing lipstick from ebay. I'm a big fan of bright lipsticks and as far as I'm concerned, the brighter the better! It's such an amazing electric/neon colour. I can't even explain, just look at the pictures, and if you are a fan of bright pink lipsticks then please do buy it. I've tried more than my fair share of bright lipsticks by mac mainly, and I have never come across a lipstick this neon before. The shade is '106' and I'm pretty sure that you can find in new look or buy it on ebay like I did. It is a little drying to the lips but nothing a bit of lip balm can't sort out. I'd most definitely call it my favourite all time lipstick, purely because it is so unique and it really does catch peoples attention. If you have green eyes and dark hair then it is a must! And the best part is, it cost only  £2.99 including delivery, yeah seriously! You can find it on ebay, here.

November 22, 2010

maybelline dream matte mousse

I'm pretty sure that most people have already tried dream matte mousse. I myself used to use it none stop when I was younger as it was the most fool proof and quickest way of using foundation for me back in those days. I really did used to love it as it would give me the coverage I was after at a decent price and seemed to suit my skin well. However these days I have a real love/hate relationship with it. I think it's great in the summer when I have slightly oily skin that needs mattifying and it literally takes no effort to apply with your fingers, but in the winter I stay well away from it. I do have quite bad dry/pasty skin in the winter and dream matte mousse is no good at all for that. Matte being the key word, generally you want to add a dewy foundation to dry skin and a matte foundation to oily skin. So yes, I would recommend it for people with oily skin, wanting a medium coverage and not wanting to spend a lot of time on their foundation rountine in the morning. It does need reapplying once or twice throughout the day but with it being in a smallish sized pot that's no problem. Just be aware that if you apply too much then it will make you look a bit caked and orange. It's a good thing to have in your draw if you suffer from outbreaks of oily skin or to use for going out at night but it's not the best to wear in the day. So there we go, a very mixed review but it is worth giving a go unless you have dry skin.

Maybelline dream matte mousse costs around £6.99 and you can buy it from superdrug or boots.

Rating: ★★★

November 20, 2010

small barry m haul

If you didn't already know, all Barry M products are currently on 3 for 2 in Superdrug. Barry M is also currently one of my favourite brands so I clearly couldn't resist such a good offer. I'd really recommend popping over to Superdrug soon and picking up a few dazzle dusts at least. Here's what I bought..

 a really great smokey black colour with bright gold glitter running through.

a very true petrol colour with a mixture of greens, blues, purples and black.

this is my first barry m lip gloss purchase and I absolutely love it. I tend to be more of a lover of lipstick than gloss but this gloss is just perfect for me. It's pigmented really well and adds the most gorgeous sheen to the lips. It also tastes and smells like a mix of strawberry and kiwi but isn't sickly. Another great thing about the gloss is it lasts ages on the lips without having to constantly reapply, they cost roughly only £4.49 also which is great.

November 13, 2010

benefit '10'

So I finally caved into buying benefit '10' bronzer and highlight duo. I am far from short of bronzers and highlighters but for some reason they both seem to be the things that I can't stop buying at the moment. I can't even begin to justify £23.50 on a cheek product, I frankly think it's ridiculous, but for some reason it didn't stop me from handing over the cash. The only thing that I can say in it's defense is that the benefit bronzer/blushers do tend to last about four years or more in my experience. This product gives the loveliest combo of bronze and blush that just works right to give a gorgeous glow to the cheeks. The product itself is also very soft, pigmented and blends easily onto the cheeks. I will do some pictures with it on my face so you can see a bit more clearly soon, but for now swatches will have to do. The compact also comes with a really soft which I usually chuck but will be using this time as I don't want to blend the two colours together.

You can buy benefit '10' compact on their website, here.

November 06, 2010

barry m dazzle & glitter dusts

The other day I popped into superdrug and had a good browse at the barry m dazzle dusts. I managed to get glitter all over my arm after doing various swatches and got laughed at by the woman at the till which is always great. I've been wanting to try them out for quite a while and as they are currently on two for £7 in superdrug so I thought why not. I'm not usually an eyeshadow kind of girl and I like to just wear mascara and eyeliner most of the time. I do however adore glitter which is why I had to pick up a few. The dazzle/glitter dusts come in cute little pots which make them great to collect. They apply easily, granted slightly messy, but if you use an eyeshadow base or fix+ by mac they last on the lids, and of course they are very pigmented. I really do recommend that you go out and try to get your hands on a few of the gorgeous colours!

'Grey 1' - Glitter Dust

A very frosty silver with big chunks of silver glitter and looks very metallic in the light.

'Gold Iridescent 15' - Glitter Dust

A snowy looking pale white colour with golden shimmer running through.

'Oyster Grey 51' - Dazzle Dust

A gorgeous mix of smokey grey/brown with highlights of a dusky purple colour.

'Opal 21' - Glitter Dust

A very dark purpley grey colour with lots of electric emerald coloured sparkles.

November 04, 2010

eyeko lip gloss and fat balm

Last week I was sent two lovely little products by eyeko to review. I received the toffee fat balm and the london lips lip gloss in the shade portobello. 

The fat balm is basically a multi use balm which you can use for a flush of dewy colour on your cheeks or a cute subtle lip balm. It also smells and tastes just like yummy toffee and comes in a handy little twisty tube. I personally much prefer it as a blush and don't really think it suits me as a lip colour.

The lip gloss I received is in the shade portobello which is a gorgeous flushed pink colour with gold flecks running through. It is slightly sticky but it does last a long time on the lips which is good. I'd definitely recommend it, even if you aren't normally a gloss person like me. It also tastes and smells lovely and sweet like candy.

Click to go to the eyeko website and enter the code E7799 to recieve a free gift with your order.

November 03, 2010

sleek 'bad girl' palette review

I'm not going to do a long review/ramble about this palette as I already did one for the 'storm' one here, which I am going to update with swatches soon. I will just basically say that everyone should stock up on a few sleek palettes as they are literally amazing. The eyeshadows are really well pigmented, long lasting on the eyelids and cheap. Each eyeshadow pan is filled with 1.1g of product which is nearly as much as Mac's (1.5g) which cost £11 each! You would have to be pretty mad to not pay £5.99 for twelve gorgeous eyeshadows. I'd recommend the 'storm' palette for daytime eyeshadow and this 'bad girl' palette for great night time smokey eyes. Sleek have make up stands in most Superdrug stores and you can also buy directly from their website here. I really don't think I need to bang on anymore about the eyeshadow palettes as I'm sure the swatches give them all the justification that they need.

top row -

bottom row -