March 18, 2010

sleek storm palette

I have always had it in the back of my mind to get a Sleek Palette. After seeing them being used loads on you tube/blogs and looking at the gorgeous colours I have always wanted to buy one. Usually in my local Superdrug store they are always sold out, and the tester palette is always mashed up so you can't see the colours very well. As some of you may know, I am currently doing a make-up swap with a lovely girl from America. She asked that I get her two Sleek palettes in Original and Storm, as well as some other bits and pieces. So off I went to Superdrug, this time not my local one but one a bit further away, and I was so wowed at the gorgeous colours when buying them for the girl that I had to buy myself one, at £5.99 I couldn't really resist.  I love the compact they come in as well, they haven't wasted any space by putting it in a silly big palette, they have kept it nice and small and compact, great for traveling with! It also has a big mirror above all the eyeshadows. As soon as I took it home I had to swatch all of the colours. I kept saying to myself that every single one would look amazing. I barely put my finger on the colour and got amazing swatches, the quality of these eyeshadows, in my opinion, is far superior to many Mac eyeshadows.  I love the palette so much that I am even talking my mum into buying one, though they are so cheap that you can't really go wrong.

March 13, 2010

st tropez collection

Here is my current collection on the St Tropez front. I have been using fake tan for a number of years now, mainly using this brand and it has remained one of my favourite brands. I have also been for a few St Tropez spray tans in the past and they all turned out really nicely which initially made me have a look at their fake tans for home use. 

Just a few quick thoughts.. (from left to right)

Self tanning lotion -
This is a good self tanning lotion, lasts quite a while and gives a lovely natural colour without looking orange. It doesn't go streaky and dries pretty quickly. Not as good as the Fake Bake one though.

Everyday Body -
This is basically a moisturiser with a touch of self tanner. It works really well and it's the best option if you want a more natural colour. Doesn't streak at all and doesn't go patchy.

Everyday Gradual Tan Mousse -
This is also really good for a more natural look. It applies the most easy out of them all because it's a mousse and it's a clear colour. Though it's hard to tell where you are putting it because of the clear colour so can sometimes end up streaky.

Self Tan Bronzing Mousse - 
One of my all time favourite self tanner. It gives a really deep tan and looks very natural. It lasts about 2 days before going patchy, which is the only downside. You will have to exfoliate your skin before and after using this to avoid streaks. Click here for before and after pictures of this product.

Bronzing Mist -
Gives the deepest colour out of the lot. Looks gorgeous on the legs but does have a tendency to go slightly streaky. I would mainly recommend only using this on the legs as it goes a deep colour, but it still looks natural.

Self Tan Remover -
I mainly bought this because I thought it would remove the self tan like an exfoliator, later to realise it's more for taking excess product of your hands. It works great as that but I don't use it that often. If you have an issue with orange palms then this will work well for you. I might try using it for my arms though and see how its goes. Apparently you can use it up to four hours after application to remove self tan, but it's nothing impressive. 

Self Tan Bronzing Mousse -
This is overall the best all-rounder. If you are just starting to use self tan products or have never tried them before, you should definitely use this. It's very easy to use for first timers and gives a really natural tan as I said before. You can't go wrong!

Have you tried any St Tropez products?

March 09, 2010

lush oatifix fresh face mask review

I have really been loving Lush face packs recently, mainly because I know that I'm not putting anything on my skin that will irritate it. I have only just discovered the skincare side to Lush the last few months, and I'm so glad that I did. I have always seen some bits and bobs regarding skincare/haircare in Lush the last few years but for some reason I always stuck to the bath bombs, as I didn't know what to try first from their skincare range. So I dipped my toe in the water and found some real gems. I have so far tried Cupcake, Oatifix and Catastrophe Cosmetic face masks. I have already done a review of the Cupcake face mask, you can find it HERE. The second one I tried was Oatifix. My first thoughts on this was how gorgeous it smells. I kid you not I was wowed at first. It smells so yummy, just like honey and banana (obviously because those are the ingredients) but as soon as I smelt it I was in heaven. Application is fairly easy but you should leave it out of the fridge for 20 minutes or so before applying or otherwise lumps of it will fall off your face as it did with me. I just left it on for 10 minutes or so and washed it off my skin to reveal soft and glowing skin.  At £6.45 you get around 3 or 4 uses, so it works out at good value for money. Also, if you take back 5 black pots to lush you receive a fresh face mask for free, if you are familiar with the 'Back 2 Mac' scheme at Mac cosmetics, it's very similar. I can't pick my favourite face mask yet as they all smell divine and give different results. But this is the best all-rounder. I will be doing a review on the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask shortly also!

Have a great day and keep smiling!

March 02, 2010

illamasqua haul

I bought some stuff from Illamasqua the other day for the first time. I have wanted to try some of their lipsticks for ages, but due to the confusing swatches on the website (now been resolved) I thought I would wait. The nearest counter to me is in London which is about 1 1/2 hours away on the train so when I realised there was a counter in Cardiff literally a 10 minute walk from the hotel I was staying in, I took the opportunity to get some goodies. Here is what I bought..

Nail polish in Jan (left) & Collide (right)
Lipsticks in Blaze (left) & Corrupt (right)
Blush in Hussy
Eyeliner pencil in Paint

A few close up pictures.