January 31, 2010

lush happy blooming bath melt

I'm sorry if you are getting sick of seeing Lush on here! There will be lots more brands soon I promise. If you love Lush then it's your lucky day. This Bath Melt could possibly be one of my favourite Lush products for the bath. I adore the scent, it's describe as 'cherry drops' which I totally agree with. I couldn't wait to try it out as soon as I saw various other reviews on blogs. To some, you may find the scent overpowering and put it down, but as soon as it's in the bath it isn't anywhere near as strong. It turned my bath a gorgeous baby pink colour. My skin instantly felt soft and moisturized. When I came out the bath my skin subtly smelt of cherries. Everything a girl would want in a bath, pink and the smell of cherries! Though seriously, Lush says you can get three uses out of this which is silly. If you chop it into three you won't enjoy it much, so in half was fine for me. Try it out! 

January 30, 2010

models own nail polish haul

YesterdayI ook advantage of the great offer Models Own where running and bought a bunch of nail polishes. I woke up this morning with the parcel on my bed (my mum had put it there) and I couldn't believe how quick they came, I hadn't even paid for next day delivery! I opened the box and saw all the gorgeous shades in front of me. I was wowed at how richly pigmented they are, I have never seen so many beautiful colours of nail polish. I decided to apply the glitter nail polish first, I was very sceptical as glitter nail polishes aren't really up to much. I was amazed, they have managed to create an amazing formula with tons of glitter packed into the polish, yet it stays on your nails brilliantly. All the other colours where all just as gorgeous. I can't say enough great things about this company. I have always been looking for a brand that has great colours, the polishes are easy to apply, they stay on long and are at a good price. Well I found it! I have been collecting polishes from OPI, Essie, China Glaze & such for years now, but Models Own is by far my favourite brand. The only down side is that with the glitter polish it can be tough to remove, and the colour 'lime light' is slightly too opaque. To be honest, I will be buying from this brand a lot more often. Here are all the swatches, and please bear in mind some colours aren't completely the same in real life, but most of them look the same. 

^ Magenta Divine (it looks a lot more pink than this in real life, go on the website)

^ Purple Grey

^ Pearly Queen

^ Beth's Blue


 ^ Lilac Dream

^ True Blue

^ Lime Light

 ^ Fuzzy Peach (more of a pastel in real life)

^ Top Turquoise

^ Raspberry Crush

lush cupcake face mask review

Hello my darlings. Another Lush review for you, can't you tell I'm obsessed with Lush! I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting much out of this. I'm all for 'spa' type face masks that you can use at home such as Yon Ka is on of my favourite brands. So when I hear about an all natural face mask I don't reckon it will be up to much. I have never been the fan of the idea of chocolate scented things for the face/body/hair either. That all been said, this stuff smells delightful. It reminds me of the scent of after eights, minty/chocolatey. I'm usually more of a fresh scented lover, coconut, orange & stuff, but this is one of my favourites. It applies very easily and is so refreshing if you have kept it in the fridge. Just apply a fairly thin layer to the face, wait 10/15 minutes then wash it off. It doesn't feel horrible and uncomfortable on the face at all, I barely noticed it. Lock yourself away in your room when you apply this though, I was teased by my dad for apparently looking like a mud monster ;) After I washed it off my face, it felt soft, smooth, supple & looked fantastic & bright. I always have dull and tired looking skin but this really livened it up. I would definitely buy this plenty of times again, and recommend you try it out. Can't wait to try some more lush face masks! Given, it doesn't look too attractive but don't judge a book by it's cover!

January 29, 2010

lush ocean salt face scrub

I used this stuff for the first time this morning, I was feeling a bit rough as I had been up most of the night and wasn't in the best of moods. I took a very small handful out of the pot and got scrubbing at my face, straight away it woke me up with the gorgeous smells of coconut, lime grapefruit & lemon, which took me straight back to the Caribbean. The scent isn't overpowering at all like some lime/lemon based products. I was expecting the sea salt to feel too rough and harsh on my face but it just felt lovely and like it was doing it's job. The avocado in the scrub really made my skin baby soft and smooth. Then I washed it off, and looked in the mirror again, my skin looked so bright! It looked like I had just come out of the spa after having a facial. You can also use this as a body scrub but personally I wouldn't want to waste it on that. Though it's great to wake you up in the mornings, I am still sticking to my Neal's Yard Orange Flower Blossom Facial Polish too soothe and relax my face for the night times. Also, because I have dry skin, lush only recommends I use it once or twice a week. If you have oily skin you should use this every day. However, I would recommend this to anyone with dull, dry, washed out & tired skin.

lush lemony flutter

Wow! This stuff is amazing. I have wanted it ever since I saw various raves about it on you tube & always put it to the back of my mind. I have only ever tried one other cuticle cream by L'Occitane (which I am planning to do a review on) but this one blew that out of the water. I'm not too keen on lemon scents but the smell of this is almost like a creamy lemon smell, not at all sharp. After swirling my finger around the pot I apply a small amount to each nail and massage it in. If feels like a cross between cream and butter, very nice! It sinks straight into the skin leaving it soft  & nourished. This can be used wherever you have dry skin. I end up keeping smelling my nails all day and looking like a complete wally just because I love the scent! I couldn't recommend this anymore, and if you have been thinking about buying it for ages, go and buy it!