December 19, 2012

lush | bubblebeard bubble bar

If you are a little confused as to what an earth a little iridescent cream coloured moustache on the end of a lolly stick is meant to be used for, let me explain. Whilst running the hot water into your bath you take the moustache wand as it were and swish around under the tap to create mountains of bubbles. I literally noticed a bath full of sparkling bubbles after around ten seconds of swirling the moustache in the water, more so than any bubble bath that I would usually use. It also gave my bath a lovely uplifting scent and as I was told in the shop it would last for around three baths I put it on the side for another use or two after I had enough bubbles in my bath. This bubblebar probably won't be something that you'd use in your baths regularly due to the price however I really enjoyed the quirkiness of it and think it would make a great gift.

December 18, 2012

fighting acne with skinetica

Today's post is an introduction into a skincare product that fights acne and blemishes. Thankfully I've never really suffered from either but I know finding a product to help achieve clear skin for people that suffer with acne can be very difficult so I'd definitely recommend trying out Skinetica to help with this.

Skinetica – a unique new treatment for acne, spots, pimples and blemishes that does NOT use highly toxic chemicals. Skinetica’s revolutionary method gives significant results within 2 days of use – sometimes faster, giving an almost immediate clearer complexion with no side effects. After extensive testing of Skinetica on 30 volunteers over a 72-hour period, Dermatest, a leading independent European dermatological research body, stated that Skinetica was “very good”.

Traditional acne and blemish treatments are based on old technology, and 99% of them contain highly toxic chemicals, such as benzoyl peroxide, salicyclic acid, azelaic acid, topical retinoids, and sulphur etc.  These chemicals are easily absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, and once in the body are very difficult to get rid of, or metabolise, and can cause a variety of health problems.

It is very simple and comfortable to use, just apply to the skin, wetting the infected areas, and leave for a few seconds, until air dried. It forms a microscopic coating on the skin, and becomes substantive to it. You cannot see it or feel it, but can rest assured it is there. Skinetica is the environmentally friendly and user friendly acne and blemish treatment. No toxic chemicals means no worries and no side effects.

Guest post and sponsored content.

December 17, 2012

current make-up #13

Products used: Sleek Brow Kit | Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette | Benefit Hoola Bronzer | Nars Orgasm Blush Multiple | Nars Copacabana Multiple Highlighter | Avon Supershock Mascara | Rituals Liquid Eye liner | Illamasqua Liv Lipstick | Cover Fx Cream Foundation | Benefit Bo-oing Concealer

For anyone that didn't already know, Nars Copacabana is literally my favourite make up product of all time. I've been using it for around 6 years now and every time I try other highlighters I just end up disappointed. The 'multiple' stick is a cream formula meaning that it blends onto the cheeks beautifully and has a slightly silver shimmer, giving your skin a beautiful glow. I really couldn't recommend it enough and would urge every woman up and down the country to have it in their make up bag. For my cheeks I also used the Nars multiple stick in the shade Orgasm as a blush to warm up my complexion. I have been trying out my new Urban Decay Naked 2 palette lately which I really love as there are some amazing neutral eye shadows, but I will review the palette separately shortly. I then applied Illamasqua Liv lipstick which is another of my all time favourites and my new found holy grail product that is Cover Fx Cream foundation.

December 10, 2012

christmas gift guide - benefit gift sets

Around Christmas time ever since I was a young teen until now I like to flick through Benefit's Christmas brochure and pick out my favourite gift sets to ask for. As Benefit is an expensive brand it was something that I'd only really get treated to on Christmas and Birthday's as I wouldn't be able to afford to buy their products regularly a few years back. I think the case is the same with most girls in that it's a little out of their price range, but with the sets you can try out lots of mini sizes for a good price, making the sets lovely gifts.

she's so jetset kit - the porefessional mini | 4 shade eye shadow palette | first class face powder | lip gloss in life on the A list | they're real! mascara mini - £29.50

This make up kit would be most suited to paler complexions in my opinion, with the light shades of the eye shadows, blush and lipgloss. I really like how the set has everything you need to perk your skin up in the Winter time and add a flush of colour. The only negative that I can find is the sponge applicator which has a cheap feel to it, I just wish that Benefit included a brush as they do with most of their make up kits so that the set could retain a luxury feel.

leelee's beauty secrets set - laugh with me leelee perfume mini | the porefessional mini | "that gal" primer | they're real! mascara - £39

Personally I much prefer the Benefit gift sets that include full sized products, making this version my favourite out of the bunch. I was really pleasantly surprised when I peeked inside the gift box for the first time to find all of these great products, including my favourite mascara of all time 'they're real'. Alternatively you could always pop one of the sample sizes along with a full sized product in your own gift bag for a friend and use the remaining products for another gift bag.

away we glow kit - coralista blush | shimmer 5 colour eye shadows | high beam mini | sun beam mini | lipgloss in 'life on the A list' | badgal lash mascara mini - £29.50

This set would be a great gift for anyone with a warm toned complexion or those who like to fake tan. I really like how many products are included in this set to try out but would of preferred a sample size of 'they're real' mascara to 'bad gal lash'. Thankfully Benefit have included a proper brush in this set making eyeshadow application much easier than using a sponge tip applicator.

December 09, 2012

christmas gift guide - lush products

The beauty related products at Christmas time that get me most excited definitely have to be the Christmas releases by Lush. Every year they outdo their last with their Christmas product selection and this year is no exception. I wanted to get this post up as soon as I bought the products and as nearly all of the products are new to me I won't be able to include reviews in this post so will just include a mini overview including a quote from the Lush website on each product. I will write up some reviews of my favourites out of the bunch in the next week or so, just let me know what you'd like me to review in the comments.


"Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Tonka scented bath bubbles that are kind to your skin. Take your moustache and swish it under a hot running tap, to fill your bathwater with scented bubbles. Then just pop your moustache on the side to use again."

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar - £2.95
"This bubble bar was invented for those times when you are getting ready for a big event. Soak in the bath and relax in mountains of bubbles and rise with a hint of sensual Jasmine fragrance lingering on your body. Irish moss powder in this bar ensures that your skin feels smooth and soft whilst the essential oils will relax you and leave your mind and body ready for great things."

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb - £3.25
"This ballistic is like a pass the parcel gift - each layer has something different to offer. This is not for a quick bath because it takes its time, this ballistic, its wonders to unfold. First take some time to shake it, listen to the little rattle within and try to imagine what's in there. Then drop it in your water and gaze in wonderment as gold turns to yellow, turns to blue and spits out soluble stars along way."

The Melting Snowman Bath Melt - £1.95
"Our little snowman is about to shuffle off this mortal coil - but not before you get one last bath from him as he disappears for another year. It is a short but glorious life that our Melting Snowman lives. He may not have long to go, but boy is he going to make a grand exit."

Father Christmas Bath Bomb - £3.25

"A bath that gives you the colours, the sparkle and the smells of Christmas, with Mandarin oil and and Orange flower absolute. Father Christmas is a bit of a secret Santa who modestly hides his hidden talents."

Cinders Bath Bomb - £2.25

"A ballistic to evoke sitting by a crackling open fire, drinking a glass of warm punch. A real Christmas time ballistic, that fights the chill and brings peace and comfort. Lie back, letting the water support your body, and listen to the fire as the smell of warm punch fills the room."

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - £2.45
"Every year we give our best selling Creamy Candy Bubble Bar a special outfit for Christmas. Two years ago it was in the shape of a candy cane, last year we turned it into a little swirly pink mountain peak - this year it is a little pyramid of pink and green. But whatever the shape and look, the thing that never changes is that lovely vanilla and candyfloss smell and the mountains of soft bubbles."

Snow Fairy Shower Gel 500g - £10.25
 "Our Winter temptress shower, hair and body gel that's bursting with fruit fragrance and has a sparkle of ice through it. It's not your classic hippy dippy Lush herbal offering. Instead it is an intensely sweet, fruity pink shower gel loved by people everywhere."

December 07, 2012

christmas nail looks

^ Elegant Touch Bling Nail Wraps ^
^ Essie 'Beyond Cozy' ^
^ Models Own Snow White + Accessorize Crystal Shimmer ^
^ Barry M Red Glitter Nail Paint ^

What is your favourite nail polish to wear around Christmas time?

christmas gift guide - stocking fillers

This beauty ball (which you can actually hang on the tree as a bauble) and dream team duo are the perfect stocking fillers as they are both inexpensive and innovative. I personally really struggle with getting a peaceful sleep at night and find that the deep sleep pillow spray really helps to chill me out and feel relaxed.

Another nice idea if you are on a budget is this complete home spa set by Radox, including a shower scrub, bubble bath and candle duo. This set features my favourite scent from the whole Radox range, I'm guessing it's the Neroli oil that I enjoy and find fresh smelling yet feminine. 

Mavala Angel Nail Colour - Sparkling Violet - Sparkling Bronze - £4.30 each

These cute little polishes by Mavala come in lots of beautiful glittery shades and can even be hung on the Christmas tree by the silver loop attached on the packaging. These have to be my favourite stocking filler idea out of the bunch as they are just so Christmassy looking and I adore the quirky angel wings design.

Next up, you guessed it, another candle. Having a high quality and luxurious candle for cosy nights in is now seen as a complete essential in any girl's book. They are great gifts as I know many people that would usually splurge on an expensive candle yet would really love to own one. This particular candle smells beautifully fresh, exactly like fresh linen sheets in my opinion, making it great to light on crisp Winter mornings. Though this would only be a stocking filler for people with big budgets.

This tub of Egyptian Magic all purpose cream is probably the most interesting product that is featured on my gift guides. The cream is enriched with Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly making it a truly luxurious formulation. You can use the product on split ends of your hair, as a cuticle treatment, for cuts and burns, as an eyelash conditioner, on dry patches of skin and the list goes on. The price point is fairly high but a tub will literally last ages as it's a balm consistency and you only need to use a small amount.

Another great set if you are watching the price tag is this one by Sanctuary, including a body wash, foaming bath soak, body scrub, body lotion and bath float. If there was an award for best set in terms of value for money then this would definitely get it, five great sized products for a tenner is an absolute bargain in my book.

Next up will be a Christmas Gift Guide post on Benefit sets!

December 06, 2012

christmas gift guide - for the mums

The next post in my Christmas Gift Guide series is dedicated to gifts to buy for your Mum. Though any of the ideas in the post can also be used for Aunties, Grandmothers or friends of the family and such.

My Mum is a big fan of Avon make-up which is why a fresh set of products makes a great gift in her eyes. In my eyes the brand is slightly more targeted towards the older age ranges with their deep lipstick shades and berry shades of eye shadow and liners. Any Daughter's out there that have a good understanding of make-up, take Christmas as your time to shine with helping your Mum out with her make-up collection.

Every Mum loves a nice candle to light up on cosy nights in so give your Mum a treat with a set by Aromatherapy Associates. They definitely aren't cheap but at Christmas time it's all about treating your loved ones with luxurious gifts that they probably wouldn't splurge on for themselves. One of these candles has a fresh uplifting scent while the other smells relaxing and calming, making them a perfect duo to try out.

Crabtree & Evelyn products are the perfect option for the older Mum's and even Grandmother's out there. They are a familiar brand amongst the older ladies in my family and are always a welcomed gift under the Christmas tree. Be it hand creams, body lotions or soaps there is a whole range of products to chose from that are targeted perfectly for Mum's etc.

This rose scented set by Ren is a great idea for Mum's that are often on the go and travel a lot since all of the products are luxurious yet come in handy travel sizes.

For the past few weeks I've been enjoying this beautiful candle by Aveda at bath time. Once I light it the whole room fills with a relaxing and warming sent that is both calming and comforting making it a lovely gift.

Probably the most luxurious gift set out of all of my guides with a price tag to match is this gift box by Darphin. If you want your Mum to feel truly pampered and receive a skincare set that will look after her skin properly then it's definitely worth checking out the gift ideas that Darphin have to offer. I have no doubt that any Mum that enjoys her beauty products will be absolutely thrilled with such wonderful products, and I personally believe that Darphin target the older age group perfectly with the classic yet expensive feel to the brand and products.

My next gift guide post will be on 'stocking fillers' and will be up tomorrow!

christmas gift guide - for the tweens

For this post the products included are all aimed at young girls from the ages of around 8-16. I know that giving beauty related products to young girls can be quite controversial however I believe that there is nothing wrong with encouraging some fun make over time. I personally started wearing Mac make up at the tender age of 11 years old, so really it's all just preferential as to what age you introduce young girls to make up.

Ages 8-12

This set by Royal College Hall comprises of alice bands, hair slides a small pocket mirror and hairbrush presented in a retro style lunch box tin. I really like that even though this product is aimed at young girls it still has a gentrified and grown up feel to it.

If you don't feel that the youngster you will be sending a gift to this Christmas is quite of the age to be wearing lipstick yet but still wants to venture into wearing make up then this lip balm trio by Animal is a great idea. They add a hint of colour to the lips and feel moisturising making them great at Winter time.

When I was a little girl the idea of Disney themed hair curlers would of been my idea of heaven, but alas I ended up with some odd Remington creation that came with 7 different fittings and my favourite setting was crimping. I personally don't see any harm with young girls wanting to put loose natural curls into their hair by using tongs as long as they have adult supervision as to not burn themselves. These curlers are built to be gentle and conditioning to the hair so as to prevent any damage, and come with a 'child proof' covering to the plug so pesky princesses can't get up to no good and use the tongs by themselves.

Ages 14-16

Anna Sui Fairy Dance perfume is the perfect option to gift to a young girl, it's fresh, understated and sophisticated scent and has lovely girly packaging to match. When a young girl reaches the stage of wanting to have her own perfume then I can't think of one more age appropriate than this, any girl is sure to feel like a little lady with this on her dressing table.

Next up is this trio of body butters by the drugstore brand 'Nip + Fab', the set includes a pistachio, a mango and a coconut scented tub of body butter which feel luxurious on the skin and work really well at moisturising any dry patches. The set is great for teens as the scents are all delicious smelling and the packaging is fun and fresh looking.

Towards the latter of the teenage years most girls wants to experiment with fake tan, give the gift of this Crazy Angel set to avoid any typical teenage fake tan disasters. The set comes with a mitt making tan application super easy and a body moisturiser to keep it from going patchy.

I really like the vintage/retro style of this make up bag by Bed Ridge and Friends along with the quirky humour on the front. The brand slightly reminds me of a cheaper version of Benefit but with a slightly more 50's feel. Any teenage girl is bound to be the envy of her friends when whipping this out whilst applying make up.

For any school trips or sleepovers this set by Tresemmé contains everything needed to keep hair in tip top condition. Around the age of 11-14 I went on lots of school trips away for days at a time where these mini products would of come in really handy.

In terms of make up products that I recommend young girls to start out with, Pixi is an ideal brand as the products are all aimed around creating a natural look and have really lovely cute packaging. The products above are all aimed at creating a nice and natural look and are all easy to use without any fear of looking caked up.

Once a girl is just starting to try out make up properly it's really important that they use the right brushes and tools to create a natural look, once they master how to use brushes properly is when the most natural and flattering looks are created. The fun and eye catching packaging of these Japonesque products are suited really well to teens and the quality of the brushes means they will make really great sets for girls to start building up their collection with.

My next post will be on ideas of what to get your Mum for Christmas and will be up later today!