October 31, 2011

radox spa range

I went along to a PR event recently and was shown the new Spa range by Radox. I was told how they have gone for a luxury feel with the range but still kept the prices really affordable. With the cold weather I think it's the perfect time to stock up on some relaxing bubble baths especially at £2.21 a go.

Soothe Bath Soak
''This delicate blend of milk, natural fig and delicate neroli oil will caress your skin, leaving you feeling completely soothed as you sit back and relax in your bath.''

Rejuvenate Bath Soak
''Contains jasmine to revive your weary mind, while green tea and orange oil combines to leave your skin feeling soft and completely rejuvenated.''

Condition Bath Soak
''This luxuriously thick and rich conditioning bath soak contains a blend of honey, milk and almond oil, leaving your body feeling soft, conditioned and completely comforted, perfect for a long weekend unwind.''

Radiant Shower Scrub
''The silky blend of scrub particles, caring fig extract and delicate neroli oil will lift and remove dull skin cells and leave you feeling soft, silky and radiant.''

Enrich Shower Cream
''The exotic blend of coconut oil, hibiscus and frangipani flowers will leave your skin feeling pampered and completely nourished from top to toe.''

Condition Shower Cream
''The blend of honey, milk and almond oil develops into a thick and creamy lather, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and completely conditioned.

Purify Shower Cream
''Expertly blended with white clay, milk and lavandin oil to effectively cleanse and remove impurities,  leaving your skin fresh and glowing like you've just walked out of a Spa!''

Overall I'd say that you should definitely try a few of the products out, they all smell amazing and work really well and at the cheap price of £2.21 you can't go wrong. Radox Spa range is available to purchase nationwide in Tesco, Sainsbury's and selected supermarkets with a RRP of £2.21 for both the shower and bath range.

October 21, 2011

rimmel instant art nail wraps

Hi dolls, just a quick post today on the Rimmel Instant Art nail wraps that I have been  given an exclusive sneak peek of before they hit the shops.

The strips are surprisingly easy to apply and literally take half of the time to painting your nails, and then of course the best bit is you don't have to wait around for them to dry! I've posted on nail wraps before so don't really need to go in depth about how they are applied, but basically they are perfect for any nail polish addict that doesn't have the time to faff around with polish. Just place on the nail, rub down and file off the excess wrap, simple. I found that they lasted the same amount of time as a normal polish would without a topcoat, so basically a couple of days before the tips started to chip.

I am in love with the Union Jack design especially with the grungy grey and black shades, definitely something to try for Autumn/Winter.

This was a sponsored post

The nail wraps are now available on the Asos website for £6.99 and in Superdrug stores.