February 22, 2010

mac russian red lipstick

I'm totally in love with this lipstick. It's a classic red. It suits me perfectly as I have green eyes and dark brown hair. Granted, it's not the brightest red lipstick that you will find, I am usually more of a lover of the bright red lips, but it's a gorgeous deep red for night time wear.

Swatch -

February 18, 2010

nivea soft moisturising cream review

This is the best 'on a budget' moisturiser there is in my opinion. It is a luxurious thick velvety formula and makes dry skin feel soft and smooth. Great for using straight after a shower to lock in moisture. It sinks straight into your skin without leaving a residue behind like some moisturisers can tend to do. You can afford to use this daily without wasting your money. It's simply the best inexpensive body moisturiser I have tried, and it actually works.

February 09, 2010

benefit coralista review

There is just something about this blush that leaves me feeling slightly unsatisfied. Maybe it's the £24 price tag that comes with it, to be honest a blusher that costs that much should be heavenly. I find that in winter when my skin is pale the colour of the blush seems to make my skin look washed out, because of the silver shimmer. The formula is great though, it glides on to cheeks easily and it's very pigmented. The smell strangely enough for a face powder is gorgeous, like watermelon/mango. I find the box rather annoying as it would be better with less packaging, it seems to take up all the space in my make up bag! I wouldn't repurchase this again, it's far too overpriced. Of course the colour is very pretty, but not really worth more than a Mac blusher. I will be sticking to Nars Orgasm for beautiful coral cheeks, which in my opinion is worth more compared to this, because of the warm toned colour. Overall, it's a great blush if you have a warmer skin tone it will look lovely, but if you are pale I would give it a miss as it will wash your skin out. If you are worried about the price, I would stay clear of this one, as you can find just as nice colours for much less of the price!

February 08, 2010

lush big shampoo

Yes, more Lush! Hope you don't mind. At first this shampoo felt really weird in my hair and wasn't sure it was going to work. I kept massaging it into my scalp and eventually it worked up a really good lather. It's full of little grains, similar to ocean salt, which got rid of my itchiness on my scalp really well. Given it took longer to lather than most shampoos, but once it got going it actually gave off a better lather than nearly all shampoos I have used. After I had washed it off my hair felt really quite dry, which was a really good thing as it soaked up my conditioner really well. When I came out of the shower I noticed straight away how silky and smooth my hair felt. Later when my hair had dried it looked vibrant, fresh, clarified, shiny & soft. It seemed to have worked really well at bringing out my natural hair colour. It also gave my hair great volume and 'bounce'. Though I love this shampoo, I used a 1/4 of the tub just in one use because my hair is very long and thick, so I would only use it once a week. This has quickly become my favourite shampoo I have ever used. I recommend you try it!

February 05, 2010

a bin full of lush..

So I found a stash of Lush products hidden away in the 'hat box' they sell, at the back of my wardrobe. I was very excited. I picked one of the bath ballistics up and it didn't smell very nice, the colour was dull and it was very powdery. So I rang lush up and asked when the expiry date was, they said usually 14 months, but they had been in my wardrobe for about two years. I had to chuck them all in the bin, it felt very unjustified and with there being a comforter, marshmallow moment and a flosty gritter bubble bar in there, I was annoyed at myself for leaving them so long! Oh well, it had to be done. I thought I would share the pain with you. You can tell how old they were, the flosty gritter is still in old style Lush plastic packaging, you can really see how sad marshmallow moment is!

(P.S. don't be tempted to use them if they have gone past the expiry date, give or take a month, it's gross!)

February 02, 2010

nars multiples swatches

Just a few swatches of some of my all time favourite products from Nars. I won't bother ranting on about them, because to be honest, they are fantastic. End of. They glide on you cheeks so easy and blend into your skin like a dream. These are said to last five years! Do keep in mind that I put a lot of product on for swatches so it was more noticeable, it won't look this dramatic usually.




models own swatches

O.k. I know what your thinking and I'm thinking the same. Jess, did you really need more polishes? Well the answer is yes, and I'm not sorry! I know your going to think I'm a complete nutter, but I wear nail polish every single day. My nail polish collection was looking a bit sorry for it self and after I got my first lot of Model's Own polishes, it begged for more. So I ordered six more. Don't blame me, I'm a sucker for pretty colours! Everyone is allowed a treat now and then. Take a look at my second lot of colours! If you haven't seen the first lot click here.

Pink Explosion

Sterling Silver

Buff Pink

Pink Fizz

Deep Purple

Peacock Green

Purple Rain

I am now left with completely mismatched nails, attractive!