January 09, 2011

bobbi brown forest metallic eye shadow

I bought this eye shadow the other day at bobbi brown as I was browsing through all the gorgeous shades whilst my mum got matched for foundation. I've shopped at bobbi brown on and off for a few years now and I really do love their stuff. Some people may argue that it is a little expensive, but in the case of bobbi brown you definitely get what you pay for. However this is the first eye shadow that I have purchased from them. The colour drew my attention straight away as it is a dark forest green colour with lots of fine gold glitter. It is seriously well pigmented in comparison to Mac and any other brands that I have tried before it is far better. I also love the packaging that it comes in as it is very sleek and expensive looking, but also you can pop the shade out and add it to a bobbi brown palette. The colour itself can be worn as vibrant or smoky as you want, and for the daytime I wore it really lightly blended and it looked gorgeous. And if you think that it is expensive just bare in mind that you get a massive 2.8g of product compared to a Mac eye shadow that only has 1.5g of product which is almost double and costs only £3.50 more than Mac, but also is better pigment quality. I won't recommend that you rush out and pay £15 for a single eye shadow but if you fancy a treat then they are great. They will also last you forever.

Rating: ★★
Price: £15
Available from: Bobbi Brown online, John Lewis & House of Fraser stores.


  1. WOW!!!

    that's such a cool shade!!!

    Thanks for sharing a bunch!!

    keep the posts coming!!

  2. I really like the colour, reminds me of a pewter xx

  3. I have quite a few bits from bobbi brown and I personally think it`s much better than mac. I think people see mac as more trendy so out of the two people don`t go for BB. Their long wear cream eye shadows are the best and they don`t budge/crease at all even without a base. I wear them when I am working in London all day becasue no touch up is needed!

  4. This is such a gorgeous colour! Thanks :) x

  5. wow that looks absolutely incredible - I really must try bobbi brown!

  6. I love Bobbi Brown, the ethos is fantastic, and I like that their products have no 'nasties' in them. I use the foundation, and am treating myself to concealer and lip gloss with Christmas money. It's expensive but I don't buy lots of makeup so I justify it that way! Great review :)

  7. oooh, the pictures of it in the palette make it also look like a fabric! i always find it hard to justify spending alot on eyeshadow (because i rarely wear it) but when i do im always frustrated with low end ones, i might have to invest :) xx

  8. this stuff has such great staying power xxx

  9. Really gorgeous colour..

    I like BB's foundations and I'm using their concealor.. I'll definitely check out their eye shadows..


  10. Great Swatches and review, I used your review before purchasing Forest online. I received it today and i must say well done your swatches are exact and you managed to capture the beautiful colour of forest that can be seen in a certail light! Im very pleased with this shadow, cant wait to try it tomorrow! ive added this to my bobbi brown eyeshadow collection which is getting quite large now, ive tried other shadows and i agree bobbi browns are the best value for money, because of the amount you get and the quality i dont mind paying for them! Ive also got bash which is super gorgious! Thanks again for your fab reviews xxxx