January 23, 2011

a tour around the liz earle shop

As I knew I would be staying on the Isle of Wight for the next few days I had arranged to pop into the Liz Earle store and take a few photos for my blog. I thought that it would be great for all of you to get a better feel for the brand and to see what the experience would be like going into the shop. I saw the store straight away as we drove up as it had the trademark Liz Earle mint green colour painted all around the windows and the products in view were displayed under a warm glow of lighting arranged with potted green plants. As I walked into the shop the lovely spa smell of the products became apparent straight away and I was then greeted by three of the most lovely ladies that you can imagine, who all had amazing complexion and mint coloured cardis to match the brand. They were all so welcoming and warm and I felt really comfortable having a chat about the products/brand with them. 

The shop itself has to be one of the nicest that I've ever been in, everything was presented immaculately with everything in it's right place and beautifully set out. It was quite a cosy and intimate environment which I prefer as huge shops can be intimidating and you don't have any idea where to look first. All of the price lists and current offers were clearly displayed and there was also a specific area with a big glass sink where you can watch a demonstration of how products are used and test a few things out before you buy. Which is great as it's ideal if you want proper advice and I also find that it excites me further about the product which I'm interested in. I am a self confessed addict to online shopping it has to be said, but I'm being influenced to change my ways when such good customer service and knowledge about the products is on hand in store. I also think that the advice you get in store is part of what you pay for when you buy a product so it really is worth taking advantage of. 

After all of the experience that I have had with Liz Earle as a brand I would say that they rate faultlessly on their customer service, value for money, product quality and it is also clear that every aspect of the brand, products and even down to the layout of the shop has been thought out brilliantly. In my mind I simply cannot fault even one tiny thing, it is clear that they have achieved perfection and continue to do so.

I was really kindly given a choice of picking five products to take away with me to review. I really didn't expect anything so generous but it isn't unlike the brand as they have always been super kind to me both in emails and products that they have sent in the past. I had a good look around the shop while one of the assistants talked me through the products and finally came up with my decisions based on what I thought my readers would be interested in:
  • Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask Starter Kit
  • Superskin Concentrate 
  • Superbalm 
  • Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash
  • The New Overnight Travel Kit

My mum stocked up on a new Cleanse & Polish as it is our favourite skincare product. 


The store is located on a road with views to the sea..

A picture of me outside the shop..

If you fancy having a browse around a Liz Earle store there are currently three to choose from around the country:
  • London - King's Road 
  • Isle of Wight - Ryde
  • Leeds - Victoria Quarter


    1. I didn't know there was one in King's Road! It sounds like a lovely experience, and I definitely want to go there now as opposed to order online :) I've yet to try their products. Thanks for this, it was a really good read!

    2. I have never heard of this store before! (But it could probably be because I don't live in the UK, haha.) The interior of the shop definitely looks like a spa-ish place. Can't wait to see how these work for you!

    3. I love the decor of that shop, very fresh.

    4. I've always been interested in the Liz Earle skincare range, in particular the hot cloth cleanser, would you recommend that for combination skin lovely?
      Did you have a lovely time on the Isle of Wight?

    5. Good on you for arranging this! The shop looks absolutely amazing and can't wait to hear your reviews on the products X

    6. @Chantelle yes I'd definitely recommend the cleanser for any skin type. It is simply amazing and you will never look back once you try it! Yeah I had a nice time thanks for asking! :)

    7. Oh wow, their products look so luxurious!! I wish there was a store near me x