January 17, 2011

fill your bathroom cabinet for free

Today I found out about a great offer that the Daily Mirror and Superdrug are running. All you have to do is cut the voucher out of the paper and hand it in to your local Superdrug store, and you will get two free products per day/paper, simple. The whole collection is worth over £17 and will stock you up on your bathroom essentials so it's really worth going after. But I am going to warn you that I've seen a few tip offs to get down to Superdrug early as some stores have been running out.

Superdrug 2-In-1 Shampoo & Conditioner 300ml
Simply Pure Light Moisturiser 75ml 

Simply Pure Facial Wash 150ml
Simply Pure FaceScrub 75ml 

Superdrug Toothpaste Whitening
Superdrug Totalcare Whitening Toothbrush 

Superdrug Indus Body Spray 150ml
Superdrug Indus Shower Gel 250ml 

Superdrug Clear Plasters pack of 40
Superdrug Orange Vitamins - Superdrug Orange vitamin C effervescent


  1. Thanks for the tip-off, this sounds like a great deal! x

  2. Brilliant thanks for this tip! x

  3. what a brilliant idea, so i just take the voucher and get the freebies! WOW! :) thanks for letting me know. X