January 27, 2011

neal's yard spritzer reviews

Okay so I'm going to start off by saying this post is extremely overdue. It's funny how I usually do one blog post per day and still end up with stuff that I really need to get round to doing a post on. I've had these bottles quite a while now as you can tell from the slight coating of dust.

Calm Spritzer (face, body & space spray)
This is a really great product to have on your bedside table to spray on your sheets at night. I personally don't use it on my face as the scent is a bit too strong for that, but it has the perfect mix of relaxing smells to wind down to at night. Definitely worth getting if you are a night owl like me and find it really hard to drop off at bedtime.

White Tea Facial Mist (toner)
This one was sent to me quite a few months back by Neal's Yard and it's definitely my favourite of the bunch. I like how it comes in a smaller sized bottle so that it is ideal to take with you while you are away. I find that it smells lovely and fresh and slightly lemony which is great if your skin needs waking up.

Rose Water (toner)
This is a good product as the scent isn't at all overpowering and just smells lightly of rose. This one would probably be the most agreeable with most people as it is for normal/sensitive skin and feels soothing on the skin.

Overall I wouldn't say that they have a big effect on my skin but they are worth getting if you like facial sprays to refresh your skin. The main downside to them is that they expire from 3-6 months of opening them which is a shame if you are wanting to try more than one out in that time. My advice would be to try out the White Tea one first as it is the smallest bottle. The other two bottles have expired and they smell really quite unpleasant and musty which is why I will pour them down the sink and use the bottles for plain water facial sprays. I have to admit I'm a bit annoyed at myself for not using them up as the Rose Water one is pretty much full up. You do have to buy the pumps separately too but you can just use them as regular toners on a piece of cotton wool otherwise.

Rating: ★+
Price: £9.75-£11.65
 Available from: Neal's Yard


  1. I am not really keen on the smell of this brand but it`s definitely great value for money!

  2. ooh the rose water sounds good, ive always wanted to try it :) xo

  3. It sounds really good & despite the ugly label, I do like the old-fashioned bottles (if that logo is not a sticker that is ;-). Bit of a downer though to make such big quantities of something that spoils fast, it already sounds like a guilt trip in the making (the "why didn't I pay more attention, what a waste..." one).