January 08, 2011

soap and glory reviews, post three

'Girligo' body moisturising mist

This was the main product that I was most excited about trying in the S&G hamper. Mainly because it's such a unique product by marketing the spray as being an alternate as moisturiser. Most people don't like the job of applying a cream moisturiser everyday but sometimes your skin can get dry between applications so this is ideal for that. It smells really yum too and instantly sinks into your skin. It also makes my skin appear a lot more dewy so yeah I highly rate it!

Rating: ★★★
Price: £6.25
Available from: Boots, Harvey Nichols


'Clean on me' shower cream

I'm pretty sure that this was the first soap and glory product that I had ever tried a few years ago when I got it for my birthday. I must have bought about three or four bottles of it since then though. It has a gorgeous smell which is both sexy & sweet. It lathers up really well and is pretty much simply the perfect shower cream. The pump is genius too and I only need to use one or two pumps combined with the shower puff for it to work perfectly. The bottle is huge so it lasts forever and the value for money with this is amazing!

Rating: ★★★
Price: £5.00 for 500ml
£2.30 for 75ml sample size
Available from: Boots, Harvey Nichols, ASOS.com.


'Sudsy shower puff'

All I am going to say about this one is that anyone who likes to use shower gels/creams or soaps needs to buy this. You will literally be amazed at how much it makes your shower gel work better. I use literally half the amount of product that I would otherwise as it just does all the work for you.
Rating: ★★★
Price: £3.57
Available from: Boots.


I try my best to not use face wipes as they tend to dry out my skin and make it a little irritated. I've tried many brands before but hands down the best option is liz earle cleanse and polish. But sometimes after a long day or night the last thing you feel like doing is a proper skincare routine which is why a face wipe every now and then is a great option. These smell lovely (obviously) and come in gorgeous pink packaging which is why I really like them. They get all of my make up off really well but the only downside is the wipe is a tad scratchy and not quite as moist as you would expect a face wipe to be. I would recommend them but I'd also say that you should get yourself a bottle of liz earle cleanse and polish before you start to use face wipes regularly as they aren't good for your skin if used often.

Rating: ★★
Price: £4.00
Available from: Boots, Harvey Nichols.


So that's it for my soap & glory reviews for a while. Let me know in the comments if there is anything else from S&G that you fancy seeing me do a review on/that you are interested in or anything that you recommend me to try! <3


  1. Great post. I found that those wipes dried out my skin too. I love the shower puff though.

  2. I have the shower puff, it seems so much bigger than regular puffs. I really want to try Clean On Me - I've read so many good reviews of it :) x

  3. I love Clean on me, it's my fav shower gel. Haven't tried the wipes yet but they look nice too xx

  4. I've always wondered what that mist was like - thanks! x

  5. i really want to try the mist - can never be bothered with moisturising and my skin is really suffering for it! thanks lovey x

  6. I'm dying to try the mist, thanks for the review!

  7. i love love love soap and glory

    i love the righteous butter, and clean on me is my fave everrr body wash - how gorgeous is the smell?

    haa the mist is moisturiser for lazy people haha, i LOVE it!

    great post, excellent reviews chick

    eliza xxx