January 10, 2011

mac lady danger

I bought this lippie by mac a few weeks ago before the prices had gone up and I love it. As you can see it is a very vivid orange red colour which is probably the brightest out of all of my reds, and I must own over ten different shades of red. It's perfect for me because as far as I am concerned the brighter the lipstick the better! I can't wait to wear it in summer (yes I am already talking about summer!) even though it seems like a million miles away. But for now I will just have to slap on the fake tan to pair it with, but saying that it does look equally as gorgeous with pale skin tones. However because mac have put their prices up to a silly £13.50 I won't be buying as many lippies from there for a while.

Rating: ★★★★
Price: £13.50
Available from: Mac stores & online.


  1. That lipstick looks gorg on you! I cannot believe they have put the prices up! Something to do with the VAT increase I suppose.. But nevertheless, I don't think I will be buying lippys from there in a long timee xx

  2. How ever much I love Mac lippies- £12.50, let alone £13.50 is just so expensive!
    I love this colour, I'm searching for the right red for me. I just seem to look like an idiot with red lipstick

  3. that colour is to die for
    it looks gorgeous
    very very holly willaboughy don't you think?

    nice swatches - great post

    Eliza xxx

  4. putting an extra £1 on top of pretty much everything because of vat was mean, bad mac!
    if my maths are right it would of only meant an extra 30p on top of their old price lippies!

    sarahbox04.blogspot.com xx

  5. That is such a beautiful colour and I'm absolutely obsessed with M.A.C's matte shades - I think you've pointed me off in the direction of a bit of a shopping spree at their lipstick counter!

  6. I agree with Eliza - very Holly Willoughby..and she is a complete babe!
    I need to get some red lipstick in my life this year!

  7. i've wanted this for ages, it's gorgeous!xx

  8. It looks lovely on you! I doubt I could pull it off xD

    Also, I didn't even notice MAC had put the prices up. I think they should have added 50p per item, not £1. That'd be more in line with reality!

  9. Lovely post.I agree with what everyone else is saying about the price and your love heart is perfect ha xxx


  10. Wow such a fierce colour! Really lovely x

  11. Love the red but not sure I'd wear it every day. It is really pretty though! xx

  12. amazing color and lipstick :)


  13. oooh I love that shade of red sooo sultry :)
    gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this!