January 19, 2011

pointless product of the moment

I'm hoping to make this a new feature on my blog where I do a blog post called 'pointless product of the moment' every now and then, basically just a quick run down of a product that I have recently bought that I regret buying. I've kind of refrained from doing posts like this before as I am a positive person and my blog is full of positive reviews & thoughts and I've just swept aside the bad products never to be heard of again, but I thought it would be quite interesting for some of you to see these posts and save a bit of money. I feel a bit bad that I might be seen as bad-mouthing companies by doing this but seriously even the best companies have a few bad eggs that need to be improved on. Anyhow, today's post will be on Barry M's lip lacquer crayon in ballet pink. 

I bought the lip crayon hoping that it would be a lovely baby pink & well pigmented colour, but it turned out to be the opposite. The colour is actually a barely there sheen with little bits of purple glitter, which as it is currently packaged and named is slightly odd and misleading. Don't get me wrong it is a fairly pretty colour but personally I find it completely pointless. If you want a nice sheen on your lips then buy a gloss not something that you apply like a crayon and rubs off in less than five minutes. Not just that but it tastes absolutely rank, like a completely artificial gross taste. Then on top of all that you have to buy a separate sharpener to use the bloody thing again, not like you would want to anyway. I can't say anything else about the other shades in the lip lacquer range but take my advice and stay away from this one and buy a nice lippie from them instead of which I can't fault. Well that's near enough a fiver straight down the drain.

Rating: ★-
Price: £4.99


  1. totally agree with you on this one! i have it myself and only used it once lol xxx

  2. Same - I find it all gritty and I really don't like it. I was excited for all the hype but it totally didn't live up to its expectations.


  3. Aww, disappointing )= love those kind of posts though!

  4. thanks for this.. i was considering buying a few