July 02, 2013

summer skin with vaseline

I spent last weekend on the Isle of Wight (blog post here) and as the sun well and truly had it's hat on my skin needed an extra boost of hydration which is where Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion came in handy. I had followed all of the tips that I mentioned in my previous post on how to prep your legs for Summer aside from the fact I avoided fake tan as I wanted to catch a more natural glow from the sun. After trying out the lotion for a few weeks I've been really impressed by it, I love how lightweight it is on the skin and that it has no scent so doesn't clash with my perfume, but do check out the Cocoa version too as it's a yummy smelling alternative. Gone are the days where I seemed to spend ages applying a body moisturiser, as this sinks in straight away it takes well under a minute for a full body application and leaves no greasy residue whatsoever. There's only so much you can say about a body lotion but for me this ticks all of the boxes (especially for lazy people) and best of all is that the lotion is super cheap as it's currently half price from Boots!

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  1. Big fan of your blog but two sponsored posts on the same product wasn't my favourite - sorry. Isle of Wight looks lovely though! :)

    1. that's a shame Clare! what didn't you like about the posts?

  2. Your playsuit is gorgeous. I love lightweight moisturisers as I am the most impatient person in the world and can't be dealing with gloopy-jean-legs haha!

    Would love you to check out my blog. I've recently over hauled it and would love to know what you think! - www.specsandsparkles.blogspot.co.uk


  3. For £1.49 I can't say no. Where's the playsuit from? It's really cute x

    Sherry Darling's Things

  4. Love the playsuit Jess- I post ONLY outfits from my travels on my blog. They might interest you :-) www.bruisedpassports.com

  5. Love the play suit Jess. I post ONLY outfits from my travels on my blog (Bruised Passports). They might interest you :-)