July 16, 2013

beach bag beauty essentials

So last week I received what has to be one of the best packages that I've had through my door in a long time thanks to the lovely team at Pegasus. Inside was a stripy beach bag filled with summer themed products and even a brightly coloured beach towel, some bright spark must have had fun putting all this lot together that's for sure.

CUTICURA HAND WIPES AND CITRUS HAND GEL - £1.49: These are both ideal for festivals, beach trips, picnics or hot days out to keep your hands fresh and clean. The hand gel is particularly nice as it has a passionfruit and mango scent but also is a really compact size making it perfect to use on the go.

MUDD ORIGINAL MASK - £3.99 (full size): I used this the other night and whilst I don't struggle with bad skin it did seem to make my skin look brighter and more radiant without drying it out as some mud masks can tend to do.

DR. ORGANIC VIRGIN OLIVE OIL BIO BALM - £4.09: I tried this out as a lip balm and absolutely loved it, it feels a little oily but in a pleasant way that leaves your lips feeling nourished. It's a multi-use balm so can be used on dry patches of skin, cuticles and even to repair scars and stretch marks.

DR. ORGANIC ALOE VERA CREAM - £7.39: This buttery cream is ideal to use on sunburn or any irritated skin, I always get sensitive skin on my cheeks after being in the sun and applying this feels really soothing on my skin. It's very thick so only a small amount is needed but sinks into the skin easily and disappears with no signs of greasy residue.

SUNIN SPRAY-IN HAIR LIGHTENER - £4.77: I have super dark hair at the moment so can't try this out as of yet but can imagine it would be a great product if you have highlights or blonde dip dye. Once I go back to a lighter ash brown hair colour I will definitely have a go with this, probably next summer.

CORN SILK COMPRESSED POWDER - £8.16: I gave this to my Mum as she has quite oily skin so is always on the lookout for a good face powder. She's been really impressed with it so far and loves how it feels light on the skin yet blots away any shine. The powders are currently on offer at Boots for 2 for £12 too.

What are your beach bag beauty essentials?

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  1. have you tried Body Shop's hand cleanse gels? They have different scents and leave your hands smelling lush as well as clean! £2.50 a bottle so a bit more but they're worth it. And they're animal cruelty free so even better xox