July 29, 2013

bumble and bumble full form mousse

I've been using this mousse for the last few weeks and every time I use it notice a big difference in the amount of volume to my hair. I'm always on the lookout for products that claim to be volumising or thickening as my hair is pretty odd in that it's usually flat towards the roots and much thicker at the ends. Saying that I'm very lazy when it comes to hair products and figure that after washing my hair and blow drying it all I can be bothered with is hairspray and at the best of times some oil but times are a changin' as now I'm a full on hair mousse convert. It's easy to use, takes seconds to work through your roots and doesn't leave your hands (or hair) feeling at all sticky as with other mousses that I've tried before. Once you've applied a good amount to your hair then blowdry as normal and you will find that you have amazing body and thickness like never before but your hair feels product free and weightless. Best of all is that you will have thicker looking hair all day long and your hair won't return to flat as a pancake after just a couple of hours like when using a hairspray, and you won't be left with the horrible feeling of product build up either! It's rare for a hair product to impress me quite this much, but once I run out I will be purchasing a new can in a heartbeat for sure.

1 comment:

  1. Your hair always looks lovely, i love bumble and bumble products though, will definitely be trying this! x