July 30, 2013

radox citrus shower gels

Radox recently set a blogger challenge with the theme of moments that uplift, energise and revive you to coincide with their new launch of zesty shower gels. I love blogger challenges as you all probably know by now, not the ones that have loads of terms and are only after the free advertising but the ones where brands really try to engage bloggers and get them to put their thinking caps on. I always think they make for the most interesting blog posts and so here we have my latest attempt. I took a trip to the Norfolk broads recently and whilst I was planning what to pack I realised what could ever be a more reviving experience than splashing your feet in the water after a long day on a boat in humid weather so took along the new shower gels for the trip. I also set up a jug of citrus fruit infused iced water and made friends with a swan who very kindly posed perfectly behind the shower gels, if all of that doesn't show of a zesty moment I don't know what does!

The shower gels are all certainly zesty indeed and are sure to awaken any morning zombie and to kickstart your day, the Revive (mandarin & lemongrass) and Uplifting (pink grapefruit & basil) versions are both I enjoy using but I'm not so keen on the scent of Energise (key lime & peppermint) but I think it will prove most popular for Men.

All of the Radox citrus shower gels are currently reduced to just £1 each on the Boots website.


  1. I love the look of these, the packaging just seems really cool! x

  2. Love the photo's! Very cute :)