June 30, 2013

sisley eye contour mask

If you are on a budget when it comes to beauty products then look away now as this product from Sisley is about as enticing as it gets for a high end skincare product. I certainly don't believe that you have to spend a fortune on skincare but every now and then a product comes along that is unlike any other on the cheaper end of the scale. If I've had a bad nights sleep or I'm feeling a bit stressed my eye area is always the first place to show it and they can also be sore from late nights and long days. So if there's one problem area that I like to take care of most it's this and for that reason I'm usually trying out one cream or another to combat signs of tired eyes.

The Eye Contour Mask by Sisley is half way between a balm and lotion, it applies to leave a hydrating layer and feels nourishing without being too heavy. A lot of eye creams and serums that I've tried in the past seem to sink away too quickly to actually get working on the skin which is why I've come to really like the idea of a mask instead. You can blot off any excess product after 10 minutes as directed but I prefer to leave it to fully absorb and don't ever find that there is any left to take off after much longer. I see the mask as a treat product that I only use on the rare occasion to give my eye area some looking after, perhaps once or twice a week. It's truly wonderful at hydrating the skin in the morning and will do the job like nothing else but it's also a great product to apply just before bed time to ensure you won't wake up looking like a zombie. It's definitely worth having a think about for any city slickers that are always on the lookout for something to perk up tired skin around the eyes, you only need to use the tiniest amount and given the size of the tube it should last quite a while. But however wonderful it is I do realise we can't all afford around £70 for a skincare product.

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