March 06, 2011

beauty uk reviews

I was sent a great package the other day by Beauty UK which if you didn't know is a cheap make up brand currently selling in Superdrug. I'm just going to start off by reviewing a couple of things today and then do some more reviews of the other things I got sent later on.

Eyeshadow palette in 'Soho bright'

The colours are so colourful and bright in this palette and make me so excited for the summer. The pigmentation of the shadows is excellent but you have got to be a little bit careful as they can be quite powdery and loose. I used two layers of shadow for the swatches so that they stood out even more which I find is the best option. The palette itself is nice and sleek with a thin mirror at the bottom along with a brush but I'm pretty sure nobody uses those anyway. Beauty UK also do the same palettes in different colours which I'd definitely recommend having a look at here as they are only £3.99!

Nail polish in 'Slate'

Next on to the nail polish that I've been wearing all week. It's a stunning mixture of blue and grey which goes perfectly with most outfits. I think the colour is completely unique and suits my olive skin tone really well. The polish applies fairly easily and paired with a top coat has lasted really well. The polishes cost only £2.49 and come in an array of different colours which you can view here.

Have you ever tried Beauty UK products?


  1. Wow, those colours do look lovely and bright and summery! I haven't tried any Beauty UK at all but I could give it a try without my wallet getting too upset :D

  2. oh, i love the teal, turquoise blue and the deep purple shades. they r gorgeous! :)

  3. I've always thought that Beauty UK proucts look a bit cheap but those shadows are really pigmented and the nail polish is gorgeous. x

  4. It was nice of them to send you these to try...i love the colours of the palette!! so vibrant!! not sure if they are everyday wearable but they still look great. I have seen they do a neutral kinda palette i might try and find also the pastels one xox

  5. The palette looks really pretty and colourful but I wouldn't really wear such bright colours myself. The polish looks great!

  6. beautiful colors, very well pigmented!
    btw, when are you going to reveal the winner of your giveaway? :)

  7. I've never tried beauty UK products, but i've heard they are pretty nice. I don't use to buy eyeshadow palettes because i never wear all the colors lol .
    Looove the nail polish btw !

  8. i've got the neutral palette and it's so amazing for the price, i prefer it to my urban decay palette!

  9. I have the eyeshadow palette and i agree with you, its great :) x


  10. i have the same palette too...
    i love the vibrant colour there...!

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  11. Wow the nail polish is stunning, I've been lookign for a shade similar to this! Thanks for sharing :)


  12. I was so tempted to buy the eyeshadow palette but I'm trying so hard to cut back on spending I resisted. They look lovely though.


  13. I love the Beauty UK purple/black metallic sparks eye crayon,it glides on so easily and creates creates an effortless smoky,I think they are on offer in superdrug at £1.25 but they are only £2.50 anyway..FAB! xxx

  14. Buying beautiful, congratulations. nice week Greetings

  15. I bought one of the eye shadow palettes as I heard they were just like the coastal scents palettes you can get in america, i took it home and it was all smashed up!! they must be super soft :/ xxx