March 03, 2011

yonka juvenil spot clearing treatment

For quite a while now I've known about some great products by the French skincare brand YonKa. I remember a few years ago when I went for the most amazing facial at a gorgeous posh spa and they used YonKa products and my skin had never felt and looked as good as it did then. Since then I've really been wanting to review some of their products on by blog so I was really pleased when some came through the post. When it comes to skincare I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for, and high end ingredients really do matter. There are some stupidly priced face creams at £200 a pot on the market and that is not to say that they are worth it, trust me hell would freeze over before I justified that kind of money. I genuinely do believe that YonKa skin products are priced well and I will most definitely repurchase everything that I've tried so far. Today I'm reviewing the spot busting treatment 'Juvenil'..

 Imagine the scenario, a bunch of spots decide to take residence on your forehead and usually you know that it will at least be up to a week till the pesky things have cleared up. It's always an annoyance to me as for years I've had fairly good/clear skin but for some reason lately it's reacting badly. I've tried a few spot treatments here and there before, mainly low budget as it's not something I enjoy forking out on. I was really surprised when I did a bit of research into the Juvenil as some reviews were claiming that it cleared their skin in just two days. So with that in mind I was raring to go and crossed my fingers that the treatment would work, I then applied a small amount to my problem areas and because it's so powerful hardly any is needed. After only a few hours my spots felt a lot calmer and less irritated which I was obviously really pleased about. The next morning I anticipated that surely it couldn't have worked in just one night but I tell you something, my spots had pretty much disappeared. OK, I'm not talking completely vanished but yes they had dramatically reduced in size and all of the redness from them had gone. The best thing about the treatment is that it completely brings down the swelling of a spot which is such a god send as with concealer applied over the top my spots had been defeated. I can't recommend the treatment enough, even though the bottle is small I can imagine it lasting a really long time and if my face stays clear that would most certainly be money well spent. I'm hoping that if I apply a thin layer once every night it will also prevent spots from cropping up in the first place.


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  1. I also believe you get what you pay for! I've been looking for something to clear my random outbreaks of spots, I might try this, thanks! xx