March 28, 2011

avon moisture seduction lipstick collection

Recently I won the whole collection of the new Moisture Seduction lipsticks by Avon, lucky me! They have a marbled effect of a mix of lip balm and actual lipstick which I really like. Unfortunately this means that they are slightly less pigmented than most lipsticks that I own but the fact the moisturise my lips like a balm is brilliant. They are currently selling for £6 instead of £8.50 each which I think is a great price.

Smooth Mocha
This is far too dark for me but I think it would make a great nude for darker skin tones.

Mocha Plum
This is a really nice vibrant plum colour, perfect for people a bit older.. my mum is having mine!

Plum Gorgeous
Another vibrant plum colour but even brighter and more purple than before. A great lipstick for people that want to just start out trying bright colours.

Nude Perfection
I can imagine that this will be a nice nude when I have a tan but as I am pale at the moment it looks too orange on my lips.

Soft Pink
This is my favourite shade out of the collection for obvious reasons! It's a stunning baby pink with hints of coral, a great one for Spring.

Fuchsia Fever
This has to be my closely followed second favourite out of the collection, it's a very garish bright pink with violet shimmer running through but I love it.

Silky Peach
This colour is a dulled down peach with not much colour pay off which is a shame. But if you are just wanting a subtle wash of colour over your lips then this will be your cup of tea.

Rose Ribbons
This is another really wearable bright lip out of the collection, and will suit a whole range of skin tones.

Lilac Shimmer
A really pretty lilac shade with lots of silver glitter. Don't be put off by the shimmer part though, it's very subtle and flattering.

Red Kiss
And finally a beautiful deep red shade that manages to be well pigmented yet moisturises the lips at the same time, winner!

Have a nosey at the Moisture Seduction lippies on the Avon website, here.
And let me know which shades are your favourites!


  1. Wow lucky you, they all look really nice!

  2. wow some amazing colour..i love the marbled design on them...i think i like the Soft Pink and Fuchsia Fever

  3. Great post. my fave is Fuchsia Fever.


  4. Wow - these look great! I really love the last colour!

  5. Wow these look gorgeous :) Really like the look of soft pink and red kiss x x

  6. I love avon makeup :) These are really nice colours xxx

    http://hazzaapee.blogspot.com/ please check it out :)

  7. Great post! Thanks for your thoughts on the collection :)

  8. The marbled effect looks great
    The colour range is great too :) x

  9. gorgeous colours! x

  10. I love the fuchsia fever one! The colour looks great on my lips ;)