March 15, 2011

current base make up favourites

For the past few days I've been wearing my new base make up by RMK. I first heard about the brand at the National Beauty Blogging Event a few weeks ago and I was instantly impressed with their products from then on. This is going to be a fairly long post but please bear with me and have a good read!

''RMK was designed by Japanese make-up artist Rumiko for people who want to feel sexier, fresher and happier! Young, glam, sparkly and colourful RMK uses break-through formulations, easy-to-use textures and the latest must-have colours.''


I remember swatching this foundation at the NBBE and almost instantly falling in love with both the texture and coverage. The foundation has a great consistency which is one of the main reasons that I love it, half way between a cream and liquid. But the best thing about the foundation is that you literally need the tiniest amount for great coverage, as you can see in one of the pictures below - I like to use just a tad over that amount. The problem that I find with other foundations is because they don't give me enough coverage I end up putting far too much on and looking cakey. And as a self confessed foundation addict the fact that I only use a pea sized amount of this brilliant stuff just tells how great it is. The colour match is brilliant too and suits my skin both if I have a light tan or if I'm feeling pale. It's a lot easier to blend too as it sinks straight into my skin leaving it feeling dewy and has perfect coverage. At this point you are probably going to hate me for talking you into a foundation that costs £29. But considering most other foundations have 30ml and this has 30g I don't think it's a big problem. I'm going to do an update soon on how long the jar lasts but after years of trying different foundations it's got to one of the best that I've ever tried, the absolute perfect high coverage foundation. I'm going to buy another pot as soon as it runs out, you need this stuff in your life!

''Creamy foundation by RMK with an exquisite balance between coverage and lucidity. Your skin will look radiant after a hit from its moisture retaining formula, and best of all, the stretch powder quality will fit your skin perfectly and keep you looking flawless for hours. With added SPF 15.''

Next on to the foundation base/primer. I'm not sure if it's a combination of using the two products together but my face make up has actually been lasting all day and looking really great lately. I much prefer using this to a moisturiser in the morning as I find a lot of face creams create a layer between my skin and foundation causing it to slide off quickly compared to this brilliant stuff. I like to use just over a pea sized amount and apply it with a foundation brush as I find it works better that way. It really makes my skin look glowing and ready to be topped off with foundation, I never knew such a light weight primer could work so well!

''RMK Make Up Base is a weightless, liquid primer formulated with silk extracts, for a smooth, even finish with a natural lustre.
Quickly absorbed, this formula lightly covers the skin and gives a fresh, natural long lasting finish. Ideal for normal to dry skin types it leaves a fresh and dewy finish.''

Did you know: RMK’s Make Up Base has been the best selling make up base in Japan for the last 13 years in the luxury sector!

Finally a little mention to the colour control treatment. Personally I don't have many problems when it comes to uneven skin tone or redness but I applied the product to my cheeks when they were slightly flushed and it actually worked really well. When I swatched it on my hand I was put off by the glitter running through it but once it's applied to the face you really can't tell at all apart from a lovely glow to your skin. If you are bothered by dull looking skin then I can most definitely recommend having a go with this one if you aren't too scared by fine glitter. I have taken to applying a tiny amount to my cheekbones after I use my foundation and it makes the nicest liquid highlighter ever. I will hopefully get round to using it in some pictures soon. If you already have a nice highlighter in your collection then it's not a must have and you can probably do without it, but if you have just ran out then you really need to check it out.

''RMK bring us this colour corrective wonder product that works to correct unevenness in skin tone and dullness while blending smoothly into your skin’s complexion. Each unique shade acts as an extra layer between the base and foundation creating lucidity and luster through the power of colours.''


You can buy all of the products mentioned above for the cheapest on Beauty Bay but Asos and Look Fantastic also sell a great range of RMK products. Alternatively RMK products can be bought at Selfridges in either London (Oxford Street) or Manchester (Trafford Center).

I am just going to apologise for the rubbish pictures below and that I look slightly rough, I had been sick that day. I've been asked to include more pictures of myself wearing the products that I review which I think is a great idea so I will be doing that a lot more often. The nail look that I'm so awkwardly modelling below will be up in a few days.

Check out my outfit post on my away with the fairies blog taken on the same day to see better high quality pictures of my skin, here.

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  1. These products sound really good. I've wanted to try some RMK for a while but just can't afford it at the moment. The creamy foundation and make up base sound the best out of the three - not sure I like the sound of the shimmer in the control colour. Your skin looks flawless! xx

  2. love the nails and the products looks & sounds soo good :D

  3. You look amazing and the products look really good! I have been wanted to try RMK for months so thanks for the swatches!

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  4. i've been on the hunt for a new foundation so this post has really helped thank you so much! love your blog! xoxo avs

  5. I really like your nails! The products look like they are really good, might have to invest in some :]


    whazzupdollface.blogspot.com xx

  6. You've sold RMK creamy foundation to me instantly :) You look so pretty!

  7. i've got all of these products and love them :). RMK definitely have some amazing products! x