May 06, 2013

sisley california soul: the products

For Spring/Summer 2013 Sisley have combined these products to create their 'California Soul' look, I love how when everything is used together a beautifully bright yet sophisticated make up look can be achieved. I will be putting together another post on creating the 'California Soul' look but for now will be giving an insight into each of the products.
PHYTO-OMBRE ECLAT EYE SHADOW IN LINEN - £27.50 - This shade is the perfect natural matte nude colour with a hint of pink, I wouldn't say that it's a must have but it does create a nice base colour if worn alone with liquid liner for example.
PHYTO-OMBRE ECLAT EYE SHADOW IN VELVET - £27.50 - This shade is a lovely light smoky purple that works well when used for a daytime look. The pigmentation is rich so it has good colour pay off too, it's a good option for anyone who likes to avoid shimmery shadows.
PHYTO LIP SHINE IN SHEER CHERRY - £27.50 - Now here is something that you can get excited about, a beautiful bright sophisticated red lipstick with ever so chic packaging to match. I have an absolute addiction to red lipsticks and I can certainly imagine this becoming my new favourite.
PHYTO KOHL PENCIL IN KHAKI - £31.50 - Eyeliners aren't something that I ever tend to use on a regular basis meaning that I wouldn't spend a small fortune on one such as this but that being said it does match my green eyes really nicely and is very soft and easy to work with.
L'ORCHIDEE HIGHLIGHTING BLUSH WITH WHITE LILY - £60 - Last but not least is my favourite product of the lot, for obvious reasons! This blush is truly a little piece of art and puts all of my others completely to shame, the outside packaging is mirrored and once opened up reveals an elegant shimmering orchid. Obviously it costs a bomb (we are talking Sisley here) but it's truly magical in it's own right, and the colour looks stunning once on the cheeks too.