May 31, 2013

how to prep your legs for summer

I've teamed up with Vaseline to write a couple of posts on getting your legs ready for the hot weather and today's post will be on my tips and tricks to achieve perfectly smooth and soft skin for your legs so that they are worthy of any Summer dress.

WAXING - The first step to achieving super soft legs is always hair removal, I've never been a fan of shaving as my legs are quite sensitive and I hate how quickly the hairs grow back so these days I opt for waxing using an at home wax kit most of the time.

EXFOLIATING: Removal of dead skin cells and patchy fake tan is also key to having great looking legs and for that I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub and this body polishing sponge which works absolute wonders. If you don't already have one of these sponges you most certainly need to check them out, this one is by Velvotan and costs a mere £1.99, available here.

MOISTURISING: I have really dry skin on my legs down to the days when I shave them so a good moisturiser is always a must have in my routine, I can't stand having to spend ages with application so hate using thick creams. This moisturiser by Vaseline is a lightweight lotion and literally sinks into the skin instantly and feels lovely on the skin, it includes oat extract too.

TONING: The final step in ensuring my legs are ready to show off in Summer shorts is toning up my thighs using this cellulite-scrubber by Bliss whilst in the shower. It's super easy to use, you just scrub over your thighs for a couple of minutes (whilst using shower gel) and it works to drain excess fluid and eliminate cellulite, in my opinion it really works and I can always feel my thighs are more toned after a few weeks. Another favourite of mine is the Rodial Crash Diet Gel which I apply at night before bed and find it slims down my thighs with regular use.

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What are your tips and tricks to prep your legs for the Summer time?


  1. I just put my shorts on and get out the door. Hair or no hair. Mostly hair. Too lazy to shave off what men have as well.

  2. I love vaseline for keeping my body moisturised abd feeling soft and supple! Great post.

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  3. Great post, it's good to hear you rate the Rodial gel!

  4. I love this post! I need to get my hand son one of those cellulite things ahah!

  5. Great post, i just use the exfoliate, shave and moisturize method aha!I need to get into the wax world! what at home wax kit would you recommend? x

    1. this is the kit I use x

  6. Definitely need to get my legs prepped for summer as it is fast approaching. Hate waxing though ouch :)

  7. Great post! Vaseline has also just launched a new spray version of their signature lotion which comes in an aerosol can. For tips on how to prolong a tan, visit:

  8. Great post! Vaseline has also just launched a new spray version of their signature lotion which comes in an aerosol can. For tips on how to prolong a tan, visit:

  9. I use a machine called the dolphin, I bought it in the UK and it works a treat, Hurts at first but you get use to it.

  10. ive tried waaaay too many creams against cellulite to still believe they work. yeah the circulation in the tissue is a bit better, but it's not like you can massage and moisturize the fat depots away :( i eventually gave up and went for a acoustic wave treatment which really, really worked :) now i just need some fake tan and i'm all set for my holiday in Oz :D