May 16, 2013

ren glycolactic radiance renewal mask

If you regularly read lots of different beauty blogs then this mask undoubtedly will look very familiar to you and chances are that you've been lusting over it just like myself. When it comes to skincare, face masks have always been my favourite type of product to use. Ever since I was in my early teens and regularly used peel off masks (mainly for the novelty factor) I've always enjoyed treating myself to one at bath time, these days usually a clay based version to balance out my skin. 

So a couple of nights ago I finally got round to using this mask by Ren for the first time, it's different to any other mask that I've tried in that it has a sticky texture yet doesn't peel off, after 10 minutes or so you simply rinse it off using the muslin cloth provided. Although it's built to remove dead skin cells using fruit acids, I experienced no uncomfortable sensations whatsoever and was barely aware that I had it on my skin. It has a light orangey scent which is fairly pleasant and uplifting once on the skin. Once I had removed the mask I noticed that my skin looked so much more radian, however it usually looks glowing anyway after a bath so I applied my usual moisturiser before bed and waited until the next day to look for results. The first thing I noticed was how even my skin tone looked and much more dewy than on a usual morning, secondly my face felt much softer to the touch and lastly my foundation ended up looking much nicer and less cakey than normal on my skin. Overall, I'm hugely impressed by this little miracle worker, I can best describe it as a professional facial in a bottle. I will certainly be repurchasing it once I run out and would recommend that everyone consider trying it out, considering that you only use it once a week the price tag isn't too hefty.


  1. I'm definitely interested if it evens out the skin tone a little - sounds like a brilliant mask x

  2. I'd really like to try this too, heard so may good things about it x

  3. I've seen these Ren masks pop up on every blog and I'm actually pretty curious about them :D It seems like a good and interesting product. Can't wait to try it myself!
    Great post!

    X Valérie

  4. I am sp excited to try this. Shame that if you want it shipped to the mainland, you're paying 150%. I seriously need to move to the UK.


  5. This sounds like an amazing product! I will definitely try it out. Wish they had smaller sizes cause my skin is ultra sensitive and I'd really like to give it a try before I get the fullsize



  6. I have this and I really do think it makes quite a difference once I've used it :) great review here.
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing