May 05, 2013

no takeaway may

So I figured it's been a long time since I went on any sort of healthy eating plan and even worse actually bothered to monitor what I eat or do any proper exercise. It's not that I'm particularly lazy but sometimes I fill my life with unimportant tasks and things to do rather than focusing on myself. Summer is well on it's way which means I'm aiming for that bikini body once again and have decided to push myself into a healthier lifestyle, I even caught myself putting away the takeaway menu in favour of poached eggs and avacado on toast yesterday. Speaking of takeaways I've set myself a little challenge to avoid them completely for the whole month of May. I figured that it's the perfect month as it's just the time that we all want to start toning up again and always 'no takeaway may' has a nice little ring to it, so there we go. I have no idea if anyone has come up with this challenge before but nonetheless if any of you fancy giving it a go then I'd love to check out how you get along so use the hashtag #NoTakeawayMay on Twitter. This post was supposed to go up on May 1st so apologies that it's a little late but if you have already had a takeaway over the last few days then just extend the rule into the first few days of June so that it makes up a month, but have no slip ups as it defeats the purpose.

I'm going to be cutting out bad foods and will be rejoining the gym too but I figured the best place to start was cutting out pizza that is over 200 calories per slice and other greasy foods for at least a month. I will be updating my blog with tips and tricks along with slimming and toning products soon too. Let me know if any of you decide to give #NoTakeawayMay a go!


  1. Good luck!! Think I might join you, I am thinking summer is very near and I want to be prepared! Can't wait to read your updates :)

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. NoTakeawayMay sounds like a fantastic idea - good luck! Keep us updated on how it's going. If you need some meal inspiration, check out our Healthy Eats board on Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/BeautySA/healthy-eats/.

  3. Definitely joining you in this, what a great idea! Keep us updated!



  4. I'll definitely be giving this a go! Such a good time of year to do this x