May 09, 2013

revlon nail art moon candy in 'moon dust'

Beauty brands are certainly keeping us all busy with all of their new nail polish launches at the moment, it seems to be the year of nail art and nail polish inventions! With that in mind I had a go with the new Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy in 'Moon Dust' (quite a mouthful) nail polish lately and had to let you all know about it. The nail polish bottle is double ended, with the base colour on one end and the nail effect glitter topcoat on the other, pretty clever huh? I really like both of the shades and can imagine using them on a regular basis, the glitter was surprisingly easy to apply and after just one coat my nails looked as if they had pieces of a shattered mirror stuck to them. The only issue I found is that due to just having 3.5ml of product in each end (you get 14ml in a regular Revlon polish) I had used up 1/3 of the glitter after just one use for both hands. They are a great idea but I'm not too sure as to why the price is more expensive than of a regular Revlon polish that has double the amount of product in.


  1. This looks so gorgeous! It's definitely a shame you end up using most of the glitter after one use.

    Maxine, xx

  2. Oooh so pretty! x

  3. Love the look of these but it's a shame they won't last long!x

  4. I like the idea of these but I don't like the fact they would be used up really quickly and also the fact that you pay more for less, might still buy one just to try it though! Your nails look lovely by the way :) xxx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

  5. Looks so pretty but not sure I'd buy it if it runs out that quickly! x


  6. I love how it looks, kinda edgy! <3

  7. Looks pretty. xx

    Laura www.beautybestfriend.com

  8. I also like their looks very much. That nail polish most suitable for a night party.