May 30, 2013

new launch: chanel l'ete papillon collection

Chanel and Summer. What two things could ever combine to rival the concept of such a dreamy new make up collection. Chanel is the ultimate in luxury make up as far as I'm concerned, the packaging is always beautifully chic and rarely does something disappoint. Call me a sucker but I'd happily fork out a small fortune for any beauty product stamped with the CC logo. I'm head over heels for the L'ete Papillon (meaning Summer butterfly in French) collection and have added many products to my lust list, the nail polishes look incredible. I've had the privilege of being able to feature a couple of products before the launch date and have been so excited to put this post up.

First up is the Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in '457 Idylle', which in basic terms is a super hydrating peach shade of lippie. I find peach lipsticks usually quite tricky to wear as they don't go well with my skin tone but I'm in love with this as it's so sheer and just gives a hint of colour.

I'm not shy of bold make up looks that's for sure so when I spotted the coloured mascaras the make up addict voice in my mind told me that I needed to try one (or two) out. These mascaras are the first of any colour than black that I've ever tried, and they really are quite brilliant. You'd think that using a bright colour on dark lashes probably wouldn't show up all that well or manage to thicken the lashes and work as a proper mascara, but both of these work in every way that you'd hope. I was pretty shocked at just how good the colour pay off was on my dark lashes and was equally impressed that my lashes were just as thick and defined as when I use my favourite mascara. I'm so excited to work with these for lots of different eye looks for Summer, I will be making the most of them that's for sure. As they are waterproof they can be a little tricky to remove but on the plus side it means that they last all day long. Inimitable Waterproof Mascaras in 57 Blue Note (left) and 47 Aqua Blue (right).

And last but not least we have the Levres Scintiallantes in '437 Eden' - a shimmer free bright pink shade of lipgloss. As most of you will know I am no lipgloss fan and pretty much hate the stuff unless the formula is just right. By just right I mean doesn't feel sticky and lasts long on the lips thankfully this one ticks those boxes (Chanel packaging always sweetens the deal too) but the colour comes out clear on the lips and if asked would I repurchase it I'd have to say no.

Overall I'd recommend checking out the nail polishes and coloured mascaras from the collection, I predict that they will be the most popular and sought-after due to being unique shades. The L'ete Palillon collection launches in stores and online tomorrow (31st May). What are you loving the look of from the collection?


  1. The lipgloss is absolutely beautiful, really perfect for Summer! x

  2. These products look and sound amazing!
    The mascara is super volumizing and the lipgloss has the sweetest colour!

  3. los productos chanel son un verdadero lujo,y los envases muy elegantes, nunca he tenido la oportunidad de probar algo chanel, pero está en mi infinita lista de deseos :D

  4. the rouge coco looks beautiful! :) xx

  5. love the rouge one from Chanel!

  6. Love the look of the peach lipstick and the lip gloss, definitely going to check both out next time I am close to a counter!x