February 09, 2011

superdrug 'mua' make up

As I was browsing through my local Superdrug the other day I noticed a new stand with their budget make up range called 'make up academy'. Every item on the stand costs an amazing £1 each, be it mascara, eyeshadow or lipstick etc. Obviously with everything being so cheap the first question that popped into my mind was about the quality. So I got swatching and I was mega surprised that the both the pigment of the eyeshadows and lipsticks were brilliant. The eyeshadows feel silky to apply and the lipstick glides on with ease. Now baring in mind that Mac eyeshadows have 1.5g of product and the MUA eyeshadows have 2g of product, that really is amazing. The packaging of them doesn't come across as cheap to me either, it's kept simple and classy. This time round I picked up four colours but I will most definitely be going back to pick up some more shades soon. They also have a great range of blushers that I'm after as well. But don't worry if your local Superdrug doesn't carry MUA yet as you can buy the range online too. If I could recommend that you buy only one thing it would definitely be the white/highlight eyeshadow, it's actually amazing.

 Shade 2 (pearl), Shade 11 (pearl), Shade 14 (pearl), Shade 12 (pearl).

 Lipstick shade 1

Have you bought anything from the MUA range at Superdrug?


  1. oohhh, i hve the Number 9 shade (eyeshaow) and it is this absolutely gorgeous and interesting violet with pink tones, I am in love and I can definetly say it's my fave eyeshadow of them all! and the price... amazing! love it! :P

  2. I have the white and brown eyeshadow and I love them as they last for ages. I'm definitely planning to buy some more, and I may branch into their lipsticks etc.


  3. I actually bought 3 of their eyeshadows at the weekend, all very pigmented. Shade 1 is a cream highlight which isn't as harsh as shade 2. The other colours I bought were shade 6 and 8, a green and turquoise. I applied them wet the other day and the pigmentation was even better! Some of their shades have little pigmentation (matte shades) but there are always hits and misses within brands.

  4. Here are shades I have; the 3 in the middle: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_E6u8IgQTQ6c/TJ3TCrdfpxI/AAAAAAAAAGY/ZlLZr_PJrNQ/s1600/Picture+21.png

    Going to order shades 9 and 11 as Superdrug have free delivery atm!

  5. I have glitter eyeliners from there, I love my gold one.

  6. I love shade 12 - unfortunately I dropped mine and it shattered as it's so soft! It was only onto carpet. :( Thankfully replacing it is hardly going to break the bank!

  7. I have two lipsticks- shades 7 and 8 and they are both gorgeous and the staying powers actually really good! I also have two eyeshadows; one of them is a shimmery lilac which I'm not so keen on. That lipstick looks lush, I'm going to get it asap! xo

  8. I have one of the lipsticks and its a GORGEOUS colour!
    I think it might be shade 7. They're really easy and smooth to apply but they don't last long. But a £1, who cares?!

  9. i recommend the matte black! perfect for setting eyeliner xx

  10. I was tempted to buy some eyeshadows yesterday but didn't know how good they'd be. Thank you