April 05, 2011

renew medica skin peel facial

A few weeks ago my mum and I were invited to the Renew Medica clinic in Knightsbridge, London, to test out the 'Skin Peel' treatment. I'm really pleased that she had the treatment done as it gave a proper boost to her confidence and I've even convinced her to start doing guest posts for your mums or anyone around her age range to have a read of! (the picture below was taken a few weeks after the treatment).

I'm going to leave it over to my mum to review the treatment for you all, but I will just share a few of my thoughts beforehand. I loved the feel of the clinic, with the earthy tones, wooden floors and comfy furniture we both felt really welcomed and then was offered a mug of fruit tea. After, we had an in-depth chat with Zoe from the skincare team about my mums lifestyle, diet and skin concerns which was really helpful as she informed us also about using an SPF everyday. We also learnt that using products enriched with Vitamin C are great for your skin to protect it from free radicals (free radicals come from smoking, pollution, poisons, fried foods, and as a by-product of normal metabolism). She then explained how they tailor make treatments to suit each persons needs and how you can choose what strength you would like the skin peel to be. A high strength peel involves quite a lot of retinol which means it will take longer for your skin to recover but you will get more effective results if needed, but you will need to take a few days off work! My mum eventually decided on a mild-medium strength peel which ended up being a perfect choice for her. Zoe used the I-Peel system by Image skincare.

Here is what my mum had to say -

''I chose this particular treatment because I had some concerns about my skin, including some redness around my T Zone, open pores and general dullness. The process began with a thorough cleansing and exfoliation of the skin which felt pretty much like the kind of facial you'd expect to get at a Spa. Once Zoe was sure that all of the oil had been removed from my skin she placed damp cotton wool pads over my eyelids and applied some lovely orange flavoured lip balm to protect my lips. The next step was the application of the skin peel solution. Whilst applying the treatment Zoe asked how comfortable it felt on my skin - one being comfortable and five being unbearable - although I felt a bit of tingling I didn't get past a one during the whole treatment. There was some nice relaxing music playing in the background and this together with Zoe's reassuring approach made the whole experience a very pleasant one. After leaving the clinic I felt a slight tightening sensation on my skin, similar to the feeling you often get after a few hours sunbathing. My skin peeled slightly over the next couple of days but not to the extent that anyone would have noticed. What was noticeable, however, was the significant improvement in both the appearance and the firmness of my skin. I felt a marked difference straight after the treatment and this lasted well. In my view this is a treatment that is well worth having on a regular basis if you value the appearance of your skin. If you can afford the price of this treatment every couple of months then it will give you much better value for money than expensive anti ageing face creams.''

Please do leave my mum some nice comments to show her that you enjoyed her review, I'm sure she will love you all for them! :)


  1. That sounds awesome (: Your mums a great blogger! You must take after her haha :D

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  6. Your mom looks really pretty! :)

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