June 12, 2013

recent buys from mac

Whenever I'm not feeing so great I always turn to a bit of retail therapy and recently I decided that a Mac order was on the cards. Mac is without a doubt my favourite make up brand, due to the never ending shades of lipstick and array of eyeshadows to play with, not to mention their false lashes and blushes to suit every skin tone. The prices may be too high for me to shop there regularly but it doesn't put me off having a treat every now and then. This time I decided to make an online order and pick up a few products that I've been eyeing up for a long time.

MAC BROW SET IN 'CLEAR' - £12.50: At the moment it's all about the brows for me, the bolder the better but equally I want to avoid them looking like two dark drawn on lines so I purchased brow set to brush up the hairs to make them appear more textured.

MAC EYE BROWS IN 'BRUNETTE' - £12.50: With the same mindset as purchasing brow set I thought a brow crayon/pencil would work well at creating finer strokes than using a powder product. I usually go for an ash cool toned colour on my brows so was a little disappointed to see that this is warm toned but we'll see!

MAC CREMEBLEND BLUSH IN 'SO SWEET, SO EASY' - £17.50: I've been after a new cream blush in quite a while and this shade was exactly what I was looking for. I have very dry skin so powder blushes never work out too well for me and I love the dewy effect created with cream products.

MAC LIPSTICK IN 'CYBER' - £14: I love dark purple almost gothic lip colours and since I have got on so well with 'Rebel' by Mac I couldn't wait to try out this deeper and more vampy shade.

MAC LIPSTICK IN 'CANDY YUM-YUM' - £14: Being no stranger to trying out the brightest of lipsticks next on my list has always been this one but it's been pretty hard to track down as it quickly goes in and out of stock on the website. I'm so happy that I have it now as it's different to all of my other shades and goes so well with my new hair colour.

I will be writing about all of the products in more detail soon and be putting up some photos of what they look like on too!


  1. I too turn to retail therapy when I'm in a bad mood, always helps! Haha. I use the Mac eyebrows, I use the shade Lingering which is an ash cool brown colour so I recommend that, as I found brunette too warm too! x


  2. Would be interesting to know how you get on with the brow set, have considered buying this before x

    Heels forever

  3. Love the colour of those lipsticks!xx


  4. I've always wanted to try one of the MAC cream blushers, I just feel like you wouldn't get as much colour and stay from them though?

    Bailey x


    1. in my opinion the cream blushes have much better staying power than powder blushes, check them out for sure. x

  5. I hope you'll do a post on Cyber! I can't get enough of super dark lips.. despite having light skin myself, I seem to find them really pretty on fair skin tones.

  6. I'm into retail therapy as well - it really helps though! I love the bright pink lipstick!

  7. Can't wait to read your thoughts about these products! xx

  8. I'd love to try both those lipsticks, look great. I'm really curious about cyber now x

  9. Amazing purchases! Really want that blush!


  10. I got Candy Yum Yum as soon as it came back in their permanent range, love it so much!


  11. I'd love to see what the lipsticks look like on you- hope you do a review! x