June 09, 2013

crazy for carmex

I know that most people will already be aware of how amazing Carmex lip balms are, but if not, here I am to inform you of just that! I often have pretty dry lips which are prone to getting chapped and sometimes sore, I'm not sure why but perhaps it's because I'm always wearing matte lipsticks and it dries them out. I've tried lots of lip balms and salves in my time, a lot of them don't actually work and just gloss over the problem as it were. A couple of days ago my lips were rather chapped so I reached for the Carmex and after a couple of days applying it my lips ended up super hydrated and soft. I'm in no doubt that Carmex Lip Balm Tube is the best lip balm in the whole wide world, the cherry version cannot be improved on. The Lip Pots are great too but don't give quite the same nourishment in my opinion but are a good alternative if you want to apply something lighter feeling, I use the pot version in the daytime and the tube version just before bed. Not forgetting the Moisture Plus range which come in Peach, Pink and Berry shades to give a hint of colour to the lips, these are perfect on days which my lips are too chapped for lipsticks. I know that I'm sounding like a fanatic of the brand but I just wanted to show some love for them as often I get sidetracked with fancier/more expensive products from time to time.



  1. Totally agree with you about carmax!

  2. Carmex had been my lip care staple for years but somehow it's stopped working as effectively this past winter. I still keep a tube or two around though.... they've since released all kinds of "fancier" versions of this but the good old tube design is still my favourite!

  3. I love Carmex- such a good, reliable brand!

    Daisy x

  4. Carmex is my go-to lip balm, love it! Only every tried cherry, don't know what original tastes like x