January 24, 2013

sure maximum protection deodorant

I know that a deodorant review doesn't make for the most exciting of blog posts however do try and bear with me here as I've been super impressed with this product. When I was around the age of first starting to wear deodorant I started off with roll on deodorant as it seemed more natural and better for my skin at such a young age. I really despised the sticky feeling that it would leave on my underarms and remember many times of literally wafting my arms around for it to dry properly before putting on my school uniform in a morning. A couple of years later I moved onto aerosol deodorant and had remained using that for all these years up until a couple of months ago. I'd had enough of the way it would leave my skin feeling dry and me choking from the fumes. Not only that but it's such a nuisance to take away with whilst travelling as the bottles are usually quite large. I also found that throughout the years and especially in summer time no brand worked brilliantly and I'd usually reapply it throughout the day by taking a travel size in my handbag with me. 

However luckily all of that changed after I invested in this cream version after reading rave reviews on many blogs. You might be rolling your eyes at this point and thinking that it's only a deodorant but after my disappointment over the years with none that actually worked properly I'm really pleased to have found this. 

To apply the deodorant you twist at the base and cream product pushes through holes at the top. Then you just work it over the skin a couple of times and it dries straight away. The scent is slightly floral but very subtle as to not be overpowering. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised and soft rather than dried out as with the spray versions. The best thing by far is the amazing lasting power, it literally lasts all day and night long and leaves you smelling fresh up until you wash it off. Whether it's a hot sunny day or you are going to the gym you won't have to worry about needing to reapply throughout the day as the anti-perspirant qualities in this are of industrial strength.

I won't go on about it any more but my last words are that it blows any other deodorant out of the water to the point I felt the need to write such an in depth review! The only downside is that it's fairly expensive but so far mine has lasted a couple of months.


  1. I love this deodoorant. Others never helped me or lasted a long time. I have the clean fresh scent and I always smell amazing the entire day haha :)

  2. oh that sounds soo great. wish I could buy it here.

  3. Love this deodorant!

    Sarah xx

  4. Great review - not boring at all. As you say, it's so hard to find one that actually does the job. A tad expensive but totally worth it for a product that works! Thanks for sharing x


  5. Love this deodorant! Really works.

  6. I think these posts are necessary and a good read! I may check this out next time I run out :)

  7. Love this product! x