January 23, 2013

witch blemish stick

I'm pretty lucky in that I rarely ever tend to get breakouts, however every now and then a pesky spot or two can crop up on my forehead. One of my favourite products to target them is this blemish stick by Witch as I find it really effective. I don't really enjoy going into 'spot talk' as it is slightly icky however the great thing about the stick is it works on spots that are just starting to develop and also ones that have started to turn nasty. I usually like to apply a decent amount to my forehead before bed if I can feel a blemish coming on and this way it works to prevent the breakout. But if you have left it too late then the product works well at disinfecting bacteria from the spot and making swelling go down. The formulation of the product is fairly hard to describe, as you can see it's in a stick form but once you apply it to the skin it instantly melts into a liquid that then dries within seconds. The idea is that is basically dries out the oils on your skin which in turn dries away blemishes. With this in mind I'd only recommend using it once a day for a couple of days at a time since it would be too drying for regular use, but if like me you only get breakouts once in a while then it's absolutely perfect. With it being so compact in size it's ideal to carry in your handbag if you need to use it throughout the day for a breakout or to bring with you whilst travelling just in case. The best part about the blemish stick is it costs a mere £2.89 meaning it's definitely worth having a go with.


  1. This stuff is great, used to work really well for me in my early teens when i had awful awful skin! Rare that 'drugstore' products work well on breakouts but this was a good'en :)

    Samya Says.. - my fashion and beauty blog :)


  2. Sounds like a really interesting product, I'd love to try it out! :)

    I personally use the simple's rapid action spot zapper! You can find it for around the same price on eBay :)

    Naomi xxx


  3. i seen this in boots the last day and considered buying it, i didnt though, quite dissapointed i didnt. i get the odd spot but not many!xx

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